Hear The Music Of Maine, Local And Out Of State Artists, Musicians.
Maine Is Music All Around You. The Natural Kind, The Songs The Local Volunteer Musicians Create To Entertain The Whole Family Outdoors.

Spending more time outdoors in Maine, enjoying the four seasons is one healthy New Year’ resolution.

And because of more space, fewer people, the cost is small or none to fill those lungs with fresh air, your eyes with incredible scenery. Come listen to the water lapping on a one of our many Maine lakes, ponds.

Visit Gulf Hagas …. which sounds like Las Vegas but is Maine’s version of a smaller “Grand Canyon”. Or kayaking, Maine river rafting or trek to the Allagash Wilderness Waterway if you are up for the adventure in 2013. Or whenever you can fit it in some R and R in Maine. Just get here.

Make Maine your must do, healthy habit to be in Vacationland through out the year.

Maybe a lighthouse in Maine, one of over 60 is the collection of images you want to add to the vacation photo album of memories. There is something special, that helps you unplug, let go and take away something special that stays inside around a Maine lighthouse, the rock bound coastline, sea air setting. Maine has four seasons and every special spot you need to return to looks, feels, is a little different depending on the time of year you vacation.

Or maybe walking around the Old Port in Maine’s largest city Portland, to round out your knowledge of the Pine Tree State. If you claim to know Maine like the back of your hand.

Remember,Maine is a rural farming state and the harvest of potatoes, blueberries, apples, anything agricultural is a special time to visit too! Farmers markets in Maine are a perfect chance to meet the down to Earth hardworking people of our neat state.

Maybe getting out on a newly groomed Maine snow sled trails to ride, explore where a car does not go is what you had in mind. For something different, to see where the wildlife of Maine live.

To enjoy the Maine outdoor setting way fewer people get to experience.

Sliding for kids or adults, down hill skiing happens around Maine in the winter months too.

Thank you for following the Me In Maine Blog Posts. I try to make the posts varied, special and to reflect the one of a kind setting only Maine can provide you. Happy New Year and hope our paths cross some way, some how in 2013.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker