Maine is Vacationland

thunder over new hampshire
Living in a Small Maine Town

Dining, Walking The Old Port

Dining, walking the Old Port. This section of Maine has a major pull for instate and out of state residents alike. Over the weekend, headed out Friday night from “The

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canoe river race in Maine
Aroostook County

Canoe River Races In Maine

Canoe river races in Maine. It’s spring, the Maine rivers are swollen, bloated with fast moving water caused by melting winter snow. Might as well dig out the blue, green,

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maine coastal beaches
Living in Maine

Goose Rock Beach Maine

Goose Rock Beach Maine. Think one Maine beach is pretty much like another up here in Vacationland? Like people, soils, Maine beaches are different. No the same. It’s not just

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maine maple tree sap bucket
Houlton Maine

Maine Maple Sunday

Maine Maple Sunday, a yearly event in Vacationland. Heading to the maple grove woodlots to tap trees, run lines for the golden syrup. Or the Maine home owner digs out

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