What is it like to work, live on a Maine farm?

maine potato fields flowers
Aroostook County

Flowers On Maine Farms

Flowers on Maine Farms on autopilot. I grew up on a Maine farm and the flowers around the 7 buildings pop up like clockwork. My Dad orchestrated the field planting.

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living in small towns in maine
Growing Up in Maine

Small Town Living In Maine

Small town living in Maine. If you’re a life long native, you’ve known many of those in your daily small Maine town circles for life. Had a classmate drop in

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maine outdoor living
Living in Maine

How To Start A Farm In Maine

How to start a farm in Maine. Thought about taking life to a whole new level and dreaming of farming in Maine? The four letters “FARM” is a pretty big

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amish farm horse carriages
Living in Maine

Amish Lifestyle In Maine

Amish lifestyle in Maine. Large families of over ten children, farm living off the land. They say the average age of an American farmer is 59 years. But with the

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