Explore The Allagash Wildernerss Waterways In Piscataquis County.
Maine Yesteryear Locomotives In The Allagash Wilderness Waterway Area.

Maine is a state loaded with chances to get outdoors, your limbs exercised and your heart, head, lungs renewed with fresh air, natural beauty.

And when you are lucky enough to live in Maine full time or as a snowbird here for spring, summer, fall, options are numerous to consider for outdoor recreation.

Don’t get me wrong about winter either.

One of my favorite seasons and Maine winters are not spent on a couch with the channel clicker held high surfing. No one shivering, hibernation winters in Maine. Love to Maine down hill snow ski. One suggestion for winter is to tour the Allagash Wildernerss Waterway and the old dinosaur steam locomotives used in lumbering Piscataquis County wilderness. Snow sledding in to explore this by gone lumbering era west of RT 11 is one adventure not soon to be forgotten. And returned to again and again. More images of the middle of no where Maine iron horses.

Or lombard steam log haulers used to yard out the timber from Northern Maine wood basket of fuel are worthy of study, your attention. The Patten Maine Lumberman’s Museum has exhibits to showcase early lumbering history in the state.

And while in the Shin Pond, Mt Chase area northwest of Patten Maine, lots of other outdoor recreational options exist. Consider this partial list of Northern Penobscot County hiking, photo opportunities for never fade memory making with your family.

For twenty two years, winter snow sledding trips were annual events to Bowlin Pond, the Mattagamon area around Hay Lake, the north entrance to Baxter State Park.

Learn more about Maine flatwater kayak paddling, canoeing in this and other regions of Vacationland.

Get In The Water, Make Traditions, Do It Again And Again In Maine Video.

White Water Rafting The Dead River Video

Plan to white water raft the Kennebec, Penobscot, Dead Rivers in Maine.

Find a partner who loves adventure. It is a blast, something the boat load of family and friends will never forget. Make it a tradition. Have a son in Maine leading boats for Northern Outdoors this summer, another one in Colorado doing the same on the Arkansas, Colorado Rivers. Get off that couch, don’t waste daylight, life.

Maine, she is some kind of natural beautiful, unspoiled. A tad unpredictable. Anything but, never ho hum. Get places where few do and hear yourself think. Spend some time in ME. The way life should be.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker