Maine Has Over 2500 Lakes, Ponds But Only Three Big Heavy Hitters... Moosehead, Sebago And Grand Lakes.
No Little Puddles, Small Ponds, Maine's Moosehead, Sebago, Grand Lakes Are HUGE!

Waterfront in Maine is very clean and pretty plentiful.

Vacationland, Maine has 2500 lakes and ponds and about another 1000 rivers and streams. But of Maine’s vast collection of lakes scattered around this nation’s state in the upper right corner, Moosehead, Sebago and Grand Lakes are the largest, biggest.

Moosehead, Maine’s biggest lake is the source of Kennebec River and dotted with over 80 islands.

The largest island in Moosehead Lake is Sugar Island. The 700 foot Mt Kineo is also part of the majesty of Moosehead Lake. In acres, Moosehead weighs in at 74890. With over 400 miles of shore frontage, Moosehead lake is 40 by 10 miles in surface area. The Moosehead Historical Society documents the early days. The maximum depth of Moosehead Lake is 246′. Fish swimming, waiting to be caught in Moosehead Lake, in Piscataquis County include bass, perch, trout, salmon, and togue.

Maine’s second biggest waterbody, and deepest at 316 feet is Sebago Lake.

The primary water source of the city of Portland Maine, Sebago Lake is twelve miles long with 105 miles of shoreline. Sebago Lake is in Cumberland County, covering 28771 acres with twenty eight species of fish. Brook trout, lake dwelling Atlantic salmon, whitefish, trout, burbot, smallmouth and largemouth bass, chain pickerel, white and yellow perch, black crappie, redbreast sunfish, pumpkinseed, rainbow smelt, American eel, brown bullhead, white sucker, longnose sucker, fallfish, creek chub, common shiner, blacknose dace, golden shiner, three spined stickleback, nine spined stickleback, banded killifish, and slimy sculpin. Sebago Lake’s watershed covers 24 Maine towns. Fyre Island, 800 acres large and a Maine town is in Sebago Lake along with nine natural sandy beaches.

Maine’s number three largest waterbody is Grand Lake, in Washington and Aroostook Counties.

Part of Grand Lake lies in York County in New Brunswick Canada on the east. Grand Lake’s depth is 128 feet, its length 22 miles and its widest point is four miles. Fish species swimming in Grand Lake include landlocked salmon, lake trout, yellow perch, white perch, smallmouth bass, American eel, brook trout, and many others. Grand Lake, the northern most Maine top three largest lakes enjoys what is known as “The Million Dollar View” along US Rt 1 elevated from its central western shores. Two US Canadian border crossings are on Grand Lake at Orient and Forest City Maine on the American side of the International Boundary. Learn more about Northern Maine’s Grand Lake area. Grand Lake is over 16000 acres large.

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