Lighthouses in Maine are one of many attractions Vacationland offers. The fascination with Maine light houses stems from several personal reasons.

Portland Maine Head Light Is In Cape Elizabeth
Follow The Light, Visit A Maine Lighthouse.

The craggy Maine rock bound coastline surrounding them with the sound of the surf, smell of seaweed and fresh salt air renews and inspires a person. The lapping or pounding effect of incoming or receding tide creates a rhythm. Reminds us we all have internal metronomes that are set at the right speed. Or need the counter weight adjusted with a just a tad slide up or down to moderate the tempo.

The weather and time of year affects, shapes, colors your experience too in what you take away from a Maine lighthouse visit.

So does the condition of your head, heart and spirit as you walk along the rocks. Opening your eyes and ears to receive answers, instruction, or just a sense of peace. Happy or sad, enthused or desperate, the revolving light is perpetual to all. A constant to believe, trust, have faith in to draw from it’s strength. No matter how dark your day, the light beam it broadcasts will always be there. Some days you need the lighthouse more than others for direction.

A solitary Maine lighthouse can be right along side, partnering with us to navigate through a sea of change. Vigilante, constant, never leaving us in the journey of our life’s uncertain ebb and flow. Or just serving as a spot that is quiet, calming, refreshing to relax. Allowing you time for repose, to think, sort things out. Then to looking back at your life’s path to see what was left in the wake. Considering too what is good going on it your life to strive to maintain. That there is joy, contentment and pleasure on sunny days we have been lucky to enjoy and the need to take it all in stride. Overall, you and I have been pretty lucky, have much to be grateful for in our life right?

Turning your gaze to the future, looking out to sea and praying about where you would like to be.

But also realizing that Maine lighthouses can create, shine a brilliant powerful beam to help us find the path. The one we all need to take around obstacles. Some made by others, many fixed, given hazards to accept. Several others that we create out of fear, shame, regret or guilt that we are forced to carry within us. Pinning us down, holding us back. Then ending our Maine lighthouse visit with a recant of all that is good in us, others. Counting our blessings for all that has gone right in our life. Remembering there is much time ahead of us to use wisely, to enjoy and make the most of and enjoy.

Many churches use the lighthouse as their cornerstone. As a foundation to lash yourself to in times when you feel scared, full of fear and maybe lost at sea in life. Lighthouses in Maine can be reduced to one word definitions. Communications…the simplest kind with a revolving many candle power powerful fog cutting light beam. More basic than the dit dit dot of Morse code that carries more instructional detailed information.

Our society tends to overbook. We all have the capacity, many are proned to cluttering our lives with just too much busyness. The brutal scheduling makes us to the bone weary. To ignore or table what needs attention that comes up short. We become exhausted, overwhelmed and finally to the point of whoa. Stop. Or you get knocked down with a control, alternate, delete measure needed to restore, move forward. Confusion of what to do, how to handle difficult situations means mistakes get made. Lots of them. Well intentioned reactions as a spiral out of control takes on a life of its own.

Erasing the messy life chalk board to begin a new simpler existence outline primer.

One by one defining what is needed in your life at this stage you find yourself in. What is the purpose of your life, what needs to stay in that junk drawer or be removed to make room for a healthier life style? How to fill your days with the free time beyond obligations that are givens like making enough money to food, cloth, provide shelter for your family. Work, work, then nursing home means you missed out on the wonders, joys of the life that is yours, no one else’s to script.

What are your priorities? The source of your joys, pleasure, fulfillment needs a seat in the mini van. And maybe something removed, pruned that is dead weight. Resentment, bitterness, apathy have no place in the limited seating vehicle you pilot. The lighthouse that helps you charter the life course is God. He has the answers to your problems. He is there to share in your instruction along the way. If you make time to listen, apply slowly what needs correction in your thinking, reaction to situations and people in your life you try to build a better realtionship with.

I have two Maine lighthouses under my belt out of Vacationland’s 68 to sample, collect.

The Lubec West Quoddy Head Maine lighthouse is the one closest to me. I took a diversion from delivering youngest son Elliot to Boston’s Logan Airport recently and sat, watched, absorb another in Cape Elizabeth. The Portland Head Light is by far Maine’s most notable, photographed and visited.

The map location of Maine’s lighthouse is mental spread before me to chart a course to one my one visit. No hurry, no exasperation or need to cram them all to one summer spent searching them out. But if I can do two a year, I think sitting on a rock and just listening to the surf, my inner most thoughts is healing. That those locations like being high on a Maine hiking or ski mountain are pauses along the trail of life. For answers to mysteries, and a place to praise God for all that is right, good in your life.

Consider adding more Maine lighthouses to your busy schedule. Take the time to seek them out. Learn about their rich, individual maritime history and importance. Create a thought provoking experience you won’t forget. That you will trek back to to learn more. Understanding, developing you own personal outline for changes, corrections you may slowly need to be making in your life. To live it fuller and with more satisfaction, reward.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker