Make Time To Take In A Maine Lighthouse Or Two To Clear Your Head, Heart.
Maine Lighthouses, Collect All 60 Or So. Make Time To Get To Maine, Don’t Stay Away So Long.

For folks lucky enough to live in Maine, we don’t have to stockpile several days off to enjoy all she has to offer.

Any season, when you live in Maine or find yourself motoring through the big state, you can swerve off I-95 on the way through. To sample some of her essence. To spend small amounts of time that you can schedule into your trip. To as Jimi Hendrix would croon “stand next to her fire”.

Yesterday dropped my oldest son Alex off at Logan International Airport to climb aboard a silver bird flying to Denver Colorado. After working him pretty hard on carpentry projects around three properties with lots of buildings, it is time for return to winter job at A Basin Colorado Ski area.

But on the way back from Logan to Houlton Maine no reason why a little diversion can not be GPS factored, dialed in.

To sample another Maine lighthouse, this time able to check off the list Nubble Lighthouse in Cape Neddick, York Maine. Have been collecting visits, photos of Maine lighthouses.

When you are handy to Maine, like sampling one long, never ending outdoor sensory life buffet.

Snacking on her visual, audio delights that hit all five senses. Summer when the beaches of Maine are low vacancy space wise is fun, special. But so is a visit to the same spots during a different season. The eye candy, special moments alone without sharing them with the tourist crowd, can be pretty powerful, special too.

After dropping youngest son Elliot off at Logan Airport following last year’s Christmas / New Years college break, was lucky to make the same type course deviation. To take in, shoot a video for Portland Head Lighthouse that is actually in Cape Elizabeth. The youngest flies in for his senior year college break soon. And on his return, will hit and share another lighthouse in Maine adventure with you the loyal, trustworthy Me In Maine Blog post reader. Promise.

Maine, so much more than moose, woods, crystal clean lakes and rivers. Like air and water, vitamins and prayers, make sure to fit in time to spend with her. To learn from your special place in her space, visit Maine soon. Don’t stay away so long.

Maine, Cross The Green Bridge, Hit A Maine Lighthouse Along The Way North Video

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker