Maine Is Small Town Living, Our Fun Local And Home Grown, Family Based.
Maine Is Simple Living, Always Involves Family, The Outdoors.

When you live in Maine full time, the lack of crime, the abundance of natural four season beauty can lull a person in to forgetting about places on the planet where it is just not this way.

In small town rural Maine towns, you get a satisfying, secure feeling of community too. A connection where all of us are needed. Everyone a vital part of the local fabric. All here to offer something worthwhile.

Like a covered dish church supper contribution. Creating a life of purpose. Involving, including our kids and teaching them by example that it is others that count. In a world of “me me me” when you watch and read beamed in signals that tout just the contrary.

Why is it different and so hard for other places to be like Maine? For starters, the focus is not about money here. True Mainers are content with basics.

Grateful for what we do have in Maine.

Not obsessed or lamenting over what we don’t need. Creating shelter for our families. Home grown food. Energy conservation with often local wood heat the norm. An abundance of love to meet that family’s needs in big supply. It all starts and ends with family. Our activities, fun, discipline, nurturing and end all goal is family.

When you live in the fourth lowest crime state, safety concerns are lessened. That anxiety is wiped off the board. Not like that in an urban area where eight out of ten people live these days. The cost to live here is divided by three and four compared to other places too.

ice cream treat in maine
Super Sized, The Living Is Home Made, Tasty. Small Pleasures Are The Biggest Ones.

Cheaper Maine real estate is quickly paid off, debt is not a friend or accepted condition either. Lower population because we are further away, insulated from crowds makes it spacious, roomy. So time not wasted stuck in noisy traffic, fearful of gangs, or fighting for space that cities have far too little off.

Go a third of a mile in any direction from a small Maine town and you are in the country. More wildlife than people. Respect for other people’s feelings, property a given. Probably why our insurance protection costs are cut in half and more in Maine too.

Lower population means the people here have a role in the community day to day. Have to step up, get involved. Each and everyone of us would be missed if absent a day.

Our Maine neighbors, family, co-workers and friends check in on us and we do the same with them.

We worry and care for elderly folks that are shut in, not able to drive and make sure they have what they need. It’s Martha, the widow or great aunt down the road in our thoughts. We call and remind her we are heading to the local store, do you need anything or why not come on along thinking. In expensive city living, Martha, who’s Martha? We all need each other in Maine.

small cat in maine town
Cats Have It Made Like Their Owners Living In Maine.

Less people means less wear and tear on the surroundings too. Lower mileage Maine means the crystal clean pristine lakes, the rolling woodlots and fertile fields are respected by the few that do live here.

Without sounding selfish, maybe I am glad there are less people in Maine. All boils down to the fact too many people would rock the boat. Mess it up. And I am glad the folks who do live here appreciate what we have with mutual respect.

Everything we have we worked for in Maine, it was not handed to us.

Wake up and start your dream in Maine. There is fierce pride in our home towns, our counties and state and deep appreciation for all we do have. Is that the way you are built, wired too? Be part of Maine, the way life should be.

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