Small Maine Towns With Special Home Grown Holidays, Day To Day Living.
Find Yourself In Maine. Small Towns Rich In Common Sense. Places Built To Last.

The answer to the right time to come to Maine?

As often as you can. Whenever you make time, need to for recharging, unplugging. Or just for answers to inner questions that just don’t get addressed when you are helter skelter, pedal to the metal out straight where you live now.

In nearly 33 years of listing, selling Maine real estate, over and over the underlying theme from out of state buyers of properties is this. Something is missing from their life where they live now. The buyer is looking for more than sticks and bricks. A whole new area, life setting needed. Because it is either too congested around them. They may have to travel too far to work to afford the lower cost area their home is in.

But the home owner is never home to see the kids growing up.

Latch key kids. Getting fat, lazy, and never happy. Whiners happen, are made. Or the cost to live in a sardine packed tightly urban area has just taken its toll in other stressful ways. Always bone weary, dog tired and all the city dwellers admitting they wondered what was wrong for a while. Were blind and thought everyone lived this way in the game of life. That it took some time to come to the same conclusion I hear over and over. Maine is different, special, unique and one of the last places out there to run away to.

The buyer of Maine property is seeing his or her life flying by. It is way past the time when they should have changed course and moved. Head to a place where man has not spoiled it by over commercialization. Where development is not a common place condition. Where permits, regulations, permission for this or that is not ham stringing a person.

Maine is simple. The friendly people are not but the setting is natural, easy, real. Not spun, not chrome and glass. Not pretentious or snobby. But instead evergreen fragrant with the sound of crystal clean splashing water. With views of landscape, waterfront and wildlife that were not meant to be wasted.

The location, the spot on the planet you are at governs everything that happens around, to you and your family.

Lower cost living means not so much worry about the mortgage hanging around your neck. Debt is not how we run our households in Maine. Stepping up the payments to not have that mortgage trumps the need for something new and shiny. The effort, expense to impress the neighbors or cause envy among your peers is replaced with pitching in to local small town events. Small Maine home town values. What you are after? Maine is the way it used to be everywhere else but sadly is not anymore.

We are involved in the local fabric of our towns in Maine.

Instead of standing around like spectators or paying admission to attend an event, we work them. Are part of the experience which is richer, more complete because we are in the planning, the behind the scenes. And active in our communities. Feeling connected to the folks that live here. Pride swelling for the local home town in Maine and all the folks in it. We share their successes, pray about their set backs. We need and lean on each other.

Where do you live now?

Do you feel something is missing? Anxious, jittery, restless and don’t know why? The way you spend your time now. All store bought past times or over indulgence of something you know is not healthy for you to cope? To handle it all? The “crutches” you use, throw them away and consider relocating, moving to Maine. Forget any stories from folks that have never been here about polar bears, igloos, dog sleds for travel. That’s Artic Circle. Not Maine.

Get here part or full time. Watch how your life begins anew. Start living. Because if you are standing still, stressed out and all around not so healthy, in the pink, there is another way. The place with the space. Maine. Get here quick as you can. To find out what has been missing.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker