Maine, let’s establish right from the get go that frugal is not the same as, interchangeable with cheap.

One major distinction, difference.

Creating Wealth From The Maine Farm Soil, Hanging On To Dollars Raised Being Frugal, Careful With Spending
Hard Work Outdoors On A Maine Farm. Not Much Idle Time.

Frugal is an “easy does it”,
slow as you go life pace.

That drives some

Causes still others
to purr, be filled with a self
content, peaceful
inner feeling.

Frugal, a consistent, creative way to what some term “live in gentile poverty”.

Cheap is an ugly maneuver that gives no credit to the finesse of haggling. Or how charitable you are when opening up the wallet to help others with the savings you landed in your everyday spending, living.

If you did not have to work for all the dead presidents you store away for a rainy day in your wallet or purse, the art of being frugal can lose its luster, appeal. Why bother if you have an endless supply of the green stuff? Or have no expenses around you needing a check written to cover them month to month.

But when two dollars IS a lot of money. Especially if you don’t have it readily available, or have no idea where it is going to come from. Suddenly the sting of reality, being pinched where it hurts can drive home the point and make it crystal clear.

Frugal as an art form survival tool adopted, put in to play by play, day to day is easy if raised on a Maine farm.

Seeing the practice work, embracing it can provide a sense of security. Knowing you are never apt to go out on a financial limb. And then hear a chain saw fire up that you started yourself by foolish, drunken sailor on leave like spending patterns.

Learn about The Tightwad Gazette, The Frugal Zealot.

Frugal, fix it yourself life thinking lets you stay on the Maine farm. And to consider if you don’t owe money you are rich. If you break even, you had a good Maine farm year. Gratitude is riches was one of many reminders my Mom taught her four boys. Happy is an attitude choice.

Frugal can not flourish, exist at all if your mental depression, blue moods are served, medicated by retail spending type healing actions. The practice of whipping out a stack of plastic cards to one by one tap in to credit limits at a store or on line are not a frugal lifestyle’s friend.

Better spending impulse control, shopping around for the best deal on the goods or service you find yourself needing means taking extra time.

To study up, get schooled on do you really need it? Can you tap in to your Jack of all trades experience or ambition to scratch the itch? And what about other resource priorities? Eye balled, thrashed out with MASH unit ER efficiency to determine the best all around course of action. To not bleed out, hit a major financial artery and code, flat line, die.

Every day dollars that you spend seem like just pennies. But the old adage Ben Franklin, your grandfather or someone penned still applies. Those pennies that seem trivial become dollars that are not. Do you just want it, or do you actually need it? (Said in a tone like Clint Eastwood’s “Do you feel lucky… well do you Punk?”) The urge to gotta have it can be replaced with the knowledge you don’t really need it. But could have it, step out and buy, purchase it if you did.

The good feeling of having your financial house in order is the secondary gain from not being quick on the draw to just automatically spend, spend, spend.

And fixing a needed household repair yourself is empowerment. Like bartering services. It’s own self reward of pure personal satisfaction that you can do it yourself. Flushing out, drilling down to get the best deal if you have to spend. Or doing it yourself without the rush to pick up a phone. And waving the white flag and crying for help.

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