Outdoor Greater Awareness Happens In Life Spent In Maine.
Life’s Storms Happen But Define You, Make You Stronger. More Aware, Capable, Happy, Grateful.

My Dad used to remark that some people seem to get through life easier.

No, not because they don’t have storms. Or took the Uncle Sam, go helpless, take care of me route. Because most Mainers are independent, hard working if they are able, healthy mentally, physically, spiritually. And practice living, adopting a gentile poverty life approach.

Pretty self reliant, self sufficient, resourceful Yoda would say is how we Mainers are built, wired. The rural nature of our state with way way less people. Tighter money means look for your inner peace outdoors in nature. Home made not store bought approach to life. If it is to be, it is up to me thinking adopted, taught. Ingrained into each and everyone of us early in life.

Put there by parents, family, mentors, teachers, coaches, the rest of the village that helps raise us in Maine. Because there is a deep connection. Unavoidable sense that we all need each other. In the scattered, smaller Maine towns that dot the landscape. Are the majority of all the neat, special communities you’ll find when you motor into Vacationland.

Joy and inner peace obtained through plenty of patience, working on being more understanding of others.

The greater thought clarity, awareness levels that pin, peg the scale needle happen easily. Effortlessly out in the fresh Maine air when all that is not so all out important is stripped away. Being smack dab out in the middle of four season nature that Maine is saturated with everywhere you turn. If you make the time to kayak a Maine lake. Hike up a hill. Ski down the other side. Collect a few Maine lighthouses. If you really make a conscience effort to turn up. Tune in and sharpen your awareness levels.

Removing the day to day of work, disassemble all the other crutches we depend, lean on for support to an extreme.

Shifting from band aiding symptoms to all out war. To remove, take out the machine gun nest at the heart of the problem. Releasing, opening up options to experience nature, the wildlife. The Maine setting we are all so blessed to have surrounding us in the Pine Tree State.

Maine. She’s waiting. Always available if we practice moderation, being grateful, sorting out any “stinking thinking thoughts” rolling around inside. Causing worry. A favorite life long daily sermon / theme of my Mom’s growing up. Reminded, preached to the four farm boys. My Dad needed and heeded her balance / gratitude is riches wisdom reminder too. Benefited, applied it to his metronome settings. To establish a beat to pace, govern his day too.

When obstacles to clarity in our thinking are removed. To see what’s up ahead in your life path for steps to take next. For crystal sharp 20 – 20 inner vision, greater fulfillment. To achieve heightened awareness. To obtain the puzzle pieces we all are missing, should be collecting. To get the answers you need to spotlight, maneuver safely the blind spots for curves, dips, forks in the road ahead. Or to reinforce that you are on the right life course for you.

I think we are less helpless as we become more “jack of all trades” capable to survive in Maine.

We appreciate the little things that are real. Sustain us. With a willingness to reach out and give a hand practiced. Casting, throwing out a rope to reel in anyone around that we see needs it. Because we have all been lost. Stubbed toes, broken hearts, made blind mistakes from missed cues. Did not see all the red flags because of too busy raising kids full time, running a business. Popping up one by one like Maine lake winter ice fishermen traps that spring skyward in harmony. Now kids are raised, empty nest it’s time for activities put off too long.

After church worship, I am set to head out to down hill snow ski at Crabbe Mountain in Canada today. To feel alive, get rid of some energy. To see, feel inside and out the beauty of a gorgeous day that is up to me to not waste. To realize it is a gift, a miracle.

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” –
Albert Einstein

Maine, how long has it been since you visited her? Spent time in Vacationland?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker