Experience All Of Maine, Not Just Coastal Sections.
Maine Is Outdoor Four Season Small Town Rural Living.

Although Maine is oohed and aahed, notorious for its sixty eight lighthouses dotting the Atlantic ocean coastal region, there is so much more.

Then the long sandy beaches, and craggy rock bound twisting shorelines. You missed the rest of the Maine experience if limited to just the salt air, sea gulls and quaint Maine harbor towns and island life.

Like a balanced diet, a good meal with something from all the healthy, nutritious food groups, the central, western, northern parts of the state have a much different story to tell.

Enjoy Maine’s lighthouses, I know the addiction to collect them all to well.

Go deeper into Maine, to places like Gulf Hagas, meet the local natives at a farmers market. Make plans to be hiking the public lands and sharing the private property owner’s trail access to interior Maine. So your stay in Maine is not limited, missing out on the total real deal Vacationland experience.

And don’t limit yourself to just summer outings in Maine.

No no. Maine has no polar bears, dog sleds for everyday transportation and folks don’t live in igloos. Every season the same outing hits you in new special ways than the times collected before. Is magically transformed to something vastly different. See parts of Maine on snow sled, riding a machine to areas not possible to reach by car, suv or on a vigorous hike.

Pack a grain bag for Trigger, Bullet or Flicker, bring your horse on the Maine vacation. And during conversations with friends, don’t limit the chit chat about Maine vacations to just bobbing along in a boat exploring just the sea coastal regions. If you know Vacationland, your Maine adventures, experiences cover a much larger area than oceanfront back drops. Plus you got the memo right? Remember that there is no best time to vacation, visit Maine.

Living full time in Maine is not spent indoors, hibernating, sitting on a couch killing time waiting for spring.

The simplest things shine brightest outdoors under a brilliant star filled night sky. There are lots of fun things to do in Maine that are low or no cost.

Pick a small town in Maine, walk around it. Get to know the hardworking people that apply plenty of common sense, a healthy dose of humor and fun to their day to day living in Maine. That is the real Maine, that sadly 75% of the average tourists just never see. Because of too little time left over from the long trek to get here. Like the moon tourists in the tin can. That had to start thinking about the return flight. Heading back to Earth the 240,000 miles to the dark blue, deep green marble. Pretty much just about the time they started circling the lunar surface in the command module.

Feel the small town Maine connection.

With fewer people, the ones that live in the rural outposts in Maine are tighter, closer and their community spirit is strong. Pretty fierce when it is a long time rivalry and a play off game in a sporting event final.

Maine, it is easy to forget it is not like this everywhere else. Come experience her, don’t keep her waiting. Get to Maine as often as you can and stop fooling yourself that one week a year is good enough until next year’s vacation.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker