Maine Is Outdoor Fun Year Round, Winters Included.
Maine Winters, Not Just Spent Hibernating Inside Waiting For Spring's Arrival.

If you have never been to Maine, when asked about winter weather you could be thinking polar bears, igloos, dog sleds for travel.

Winter is one of Maine’s four seasons. And getting outside, dressed warmly for the sport of the day is just a given when you live in Vacationland.

But rather than trying to tell you, convince you it is not 40 below zero every day of the winter and that we are not Artic region cold and blustery, it might be better, quicker, simpler to just show you. To take you on some winter in Maine outdoor examples.

Watch a few winter Maine local community activity videos.

Learn more about Maine weather, the climate, temperatures and topography. And here’s a quick, easy to digest one on one rundown on how things roll here.

Maine frequently asked questions, FAQ video.

Maine, one big, sometimes misunderstood state only because you’ve never been here. Yet. Come for a day, stay a life time. Find the space, your place in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR, Broker Andrew Mooers