Bring The Kids On Your Maine Vacations, Let Them Have Some Of The Fun Too!
Maine Families, All Ages Have Memorable Vacations All Four Seasons..

Maine is one big state, and when you mention the word, place in conversation many varied reactions can happen.

To the never been here before if quizzed about the state of Maine, sea coast lighthouses, lobsters, blueberry pie and downeastern accents come to mind. Maine is oceanfront, harbor towns but only 230 miles of coastline means must be more to Vacationland than just that right?

Well the vacation to Maine, to do the most you can without making it feel like hurry scurry, work depends on the amount of time you plan to be in the Pine Tree State. If you arrive on one of the 100 or so cruise ships that park off the coast, and go ashore, you leave with a lobster roll in your stomach, trinkets native to Maine in your tourist bag. Here are things to do in Maine along the coast though to tackle that region, part of the state.

But if you have a few days, a week to tour this state of Maine with 6000 lakes, to meet the people of different regions, you could end up, depending on the season doing outdoor recreation not tied to whale watching, walking ocean front beaches or hanging around harbor shops, cafes. You might be skiing Sugarloaf, Sunday River or smaller Big Rock Ski areas.

Snowsledding across open fields, through woods trails, ice fishing frozen lakes or skating mean winter not a time in Maine to hibernate either.

Portland Maine has lots of history, as do southern portions of the state that have been around a little longer than Aroostook County way up north too. White water rafting, hiking Mt Katahdin, Baxter State Park other options depending on the season, age of the vacation party.

Maine summer youth camps, museums, fairs, fesitvals and farmers market stands other vacation options. If you like old cars, trucks, airplanes, motorcyles, Owls Head Transportation Museum worth a portion of your memorable Maine vacation. Maine, get here quick as you can in person. You’re heart has been here for quite some time already. See what you are missing in Maine, the way life should be. Make sure your New England vacation includes Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers