Clucking, Whistling, Yelps... To Guide The Maine Horse Teams.
Maine, Like When We Were Kids, We're Outdoors Most Of The Time.

Trick question because there is no best time to visit Maine.

And your particular availability depends on the balls you juggle in the game called Life. When the kids are busy in activities ranging from T-ball to horse riding to cheering camp and hockey clinics, your ability to venture out revolves around school vacations.

But when the kids are grown, you have the leisure to schedule some spur of the moment trips to Maine for rest and relaxation.

You suddenly have boatloads of options. Really. As for sea coast towns and harbors, a little before and a tad after the main tourism season give you a more personal glimpse into the unique flavors each area offers too. Less crowded, more elbow room. And what about Maine weather, climate, any myths? Oh yeah.

Things to do in Maine. Whoa. That is a tough one because of all the choices. As for area parks, bring your bike to explore the 50 plus miles of carriage roads. Take in the unique stone bridges of Acadia National Park. Or hike one of the many trails, the big selection of mountains at Baxter State Park and others around Maine. Being retired in Maine, relocating here for full time fun is cool. But you have lots of day and two day options. For a quick fix of Maine to tide you over until the next visit. All I know if one week would never do me if I was forced to live outside of Maine. Not nearly enough, need more in my system, day to day.

Or if it is people you want to avoid, replace it with scenery and wildlife. You see more of both up close and personal by yourself, or as a couple. Maine was made for those kind of personal encounters. It’s not because we are anti social in Maine. But less people, more unspoiled wide open spaces on water, in the woods, on a hill top. Or peering out to sea at a Maine lighthouse. It’s not like this other places.

No matter the season, or the reason, Maine.

Always, always your best case scenario. Maine, are we there yet? Not just kids use the whine to show they are anxious and ready to bound out of the family car along the trip to get there. Stretch those legs, arms, your mind in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker