Northern Maine Communication Providers.
Staying Connected, Needing To Know Who To Call About Cell, Internet, Cable in Northern Maine.

The  Internet providers, the options from cable to wireless for the World Wide Web when relocating, retiring, moving to Northern Maine.

That would be a handy, helpful post for one stop shopping. To save time if someone rounded up the information, the contact numbers and addresses huh?

I thought so too as asked for this information often.

This very question posed a lot. And the neat feature of a Maine blog post is hunt and peck, throw in a neat photo, some helpful links and ta da. Voila. Something useful jettisoned out onto the information highway.

Because more and more you and I “google” for anything we want, need more details on right? We have a lot of customers who bring their online job with them and “telecommute” to work in Maine. Self employed or bringing their old employment with them in the Maine move.

So for your standard land line phone or Internet service in Aroostook County. is your contact. Their residential service center office is opened 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Punch or tap tap and probably not dial 1.866.984.2001 for a representative.

Polaris Cable was another option for a high speed Internet connection. Also digital phone service, channel packages for your viewing pleasure too. Bundling is the new communications hokey pokey that all the providers are doing right? Hey. But Time Warner Cable took them over and re-laced the town with lines. Ring them up for a voice channel connection at 207.532.2579. Time Warner is located at 34 Military Street,Houlton, ME 04730. Someone is there Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Pioneer Wireless is another option to not lose your broadband, high speed connection with the rest of the planet in your move to Northern Maine. Technical support hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 6:00pm. Reach out and phone them at 207.532.1254 or 1.866.335.1254. Email Pioneer Broadband.

The area code for the entire state of Maine is easy, a lonely 207.

Just one is all we need. There are other Internet providers that can have their black box at the Fairpoint Main office and offer lots of options to razzle dazzle. GWI is one of those headquartered out of 8 Pomerleau Street Biddeford, ME 04005. Call toll free 866-494-2020 or contact them, email GWI to get wired, connected.

I have cell service from Verizon, have had US Cellular and both provide good coverage. Have friends who rave about T Mobile that have lots of kids on the plan. Study beyond the introductory offer, get the whole story with full disclosure for the long haul. So your head does not spin and you know you have the best plan for you today. That you know won’t be the last one you sign up for on the dotted line for the free phone upgrade.

Direct TV and Dish are two big heavy hitters here and else where. The links are sitting, hot and live to double click if you need them.

For fixing your computer contact Doug Boreland at Virtual Tech. Or Barrett Quint at Aroostook Media.

So compare and be prepared nothing stays the same in the ever changing telecommunications field.

As digital fiber Internet is being systematically offered around the Houlton Maine area street by street. Discover Northern Maine.

Some helpful information for anyone relocating, retiring, moving to Northern Maine and questions it raises that need answers. Hope this blog post helped in that regard. Why we hammer them out one by one.

Maine, big state, lots of space, friendly down to Earth people with plenty of common sense live here.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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