Maine Is Four Seasons, Always Outdoor Living, Chilling.
Outdoors In Maine, Fresh Air, A Picnic Lunch. The Fireworks Of A Sunrise, Sunset. Priceless.

Home made fun, not the kind that is spend spend spend open up your wallet and say ouch happens all the time in Maine.

Because of two main reasons. We strive to keep it simple and just happen to live in a drop dead gorgeous stunning four season paradise of outdoor recreational options. That all come without a price tag when it is located in your backyard, all around you.

The other reason is there is not lots of extra stacks of currency laying around in this state of Maine. The one sticking out like a sore thumb up here in the right hand corner of the nation. When the amusement, distraction does not involve spending it causes a shift from store bought to home made. And like the cookies your Mom, Grandmother and Aunt Helen cranked out from memory, without following a written down instructions recipe, nothing compares to the home made, created with love snackage. Especially when nibbling it. Parked, perched, stopped on a trail somewhere pretty in Maine. Maybe riding bikes, hiking, kayaking. Or just sitting on a large rock and letting go, getting unplugged in Maine.

Reaching into the Maine picnic basket to sample a few tidbits.

To mix with the view, the fresh Maine air, the wide open space without all the wall to wall people.The crowds, throngs, gangs that most areas test positive for all the time. Day and night, round the clock. Never letting up. So back to things to do in Maine that require no digging deep into your pocket. Unzipping the heavy purse you lug around or flipping open the folded wallet you sit on. Here are a 100 frugal things to do over the weekend no matter where you are located on the dark blue, deep green revolving, slightly tilted marble.

Maine has more than 30 state parks for picnic lunches. To munch a bunch as you take in the scenery, wildlife, waterfront and 1000 yard stare causing views in all directions. Sight seeing, animal watching, picture taking of wild flowers around you all happen by preparing a back pack for the day trip or overnight adventure.

Growing up my family took lots of Maine picnics.

Without alcohol, fire water, barley pop involved. To hilltops, to woodlots, lakeside and at the many simple, by the road rest stops. With all you needed. That had the grill, the picnic table with awning in case of sprinkles, rain downpours when the heavens suddenly open up. There is something about eating home made potato salad, a grilled piece of chicken, burger, hot dog or steak outdoors that is intoxicating. Same reaction during fall harvest Maine potato picking as a kid.

When it could get no better it does. Each time it is amazing, the best lunch you ever tasted.

Until the next one outside four walls dining in nature. With bird’s chirping, peeping. Cobalt blue skies with white puffy clouds drifting by overhead. Warm, bright sunshine bathing your skin as you crank your head around. Trying to wrap your mind around what is happening. To take it all in in total amazement, gratitude and being so so relaxed, at peace inside and out.

The fresh air, the landscape helps enhance the sense of taste and your sense of awareness. It clears your head, calms and opens up your heart with rest and relaxation. Down time for a good memorable diversion, distraction from the ho hum, day to day. And healthy habits, traditions that are spent with the entire family as one big group of happy campers.

Bring your tent, cooler, a good book. Don’t forget the hammock to tie off and to sleep under the stars. To collect Maine sunrises and sunsets in Maine. Start really living, getting out more from what life can offer you in the right GPS coordinates in a place with the space called Vacationland.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker