If you make your living with tourist traffic, one by one all the players send up marketing flares.

Because in Maine there is strength in numbers.

Like a single candle or singing voice, adding more helps the broadcast range. The individual efforts combine for a howitzer force punch.

Maine Island In Foggy, Mist.
Get Lost, Be Found. Find Your Island, Special Space In Maine.

And regionally, areas of Maine heave ho to put online, to print the four color glossy print.

To do the insertions on newspapers, trade journals and magazines. With a bent toward the niche audiences they are want to court and spark. Highlight the tourist attractions.

The attention starts with hitting, tickling the interest fancy. Then pushing a little harder in the marketing to create desire that leads to results. Money from the actual trip made and left behind.

And hoping the excursion to whatever area of Maine continues. Year after year with healthy frequency. And word of mouth, sharing those pics on social media outlets help whip up the gotta go there to Maine frenzy.


Some areas don’t get or hog the marketing spotlight. That is why if you have never been to Maine, often the only region getting the white hots is coastal Maine. I love a lobster, took a recent trip to Wells Beach area of Maine.

Maine Lake Sunset Photo
Fresh Air, Clean Water, Wildlife Not People. That’s Part Of Maine’s Secret Beauty.

And love Acadia National Park, the MDI region too. Pretty special on a bike heading up Cadillac Mountain.

Or hitting the Old Port to trudge up and down the cobble stone, hilly, narrow streets around Maine’s largest harbor side city.

Where really neat churches fallen from use become local eateries. Transitioning to worshiping the locally sourced farm to table food for a new experience.

Not the old habit of just fed by the word from the good book in the tall steeple locations. With maybe a coffee cake square or apple strudel slice after the inspiration sermon given down front.

How about the small hinterland, off the beaten path places in Maine?

Ever been to Wallagrass or Drew Plantation? Where you can look up and see an explosion of stars nightly. With Maine lake loon performances heard in surround sound over the unpopulated waterways each evening for three seasons.

Maine Small Town Living, Simpler Approach.
Simpler Small Town Living In Maine.

Then lightly falling snow deafens with quiet and takes over the controls.

In the solitude only interrupted by the hum of the wind through King pine needles vibrating in the wind.

Or a crackling, snapping, popping fire in a log lodge or cabin. After being on the snow sled or ski trail while the sunshines brightly.

But now it is night fall in Maine. After play or working out in the fresh, crisp air. Time for a “chowdah“… a good slow cooked stew. After a rich cup of coffee. Or one of Maine’s micro brews or high test grape juice. To set the stage. Cheers.

It all helps soften the dead air during the winter.

Like sounds of cheering, exuberant ice hockey fans as they watch the black circle go back and forth. Over the blue and red lines. Or the orange ball thrown up, for the swish through the twine. For two or three points.

Maine Sea Coast Light House Photo
Maine, She’s Rugged, Real, Challenges A Person. Helps You Define What Is Important.

The small areas of Maine, a rural state often find it goes “mums the word”.

You don’t get everything dissected, explained from A to Z.

Lots never make the show and tell. Like the best places to fish, hunt.

Because even though the Internet, blog posts like these help expose them.

They are still a little longer haul, a lot less publicized.

And a lot more real, all natural Maine.

Unfiltered, pure, like right out of Mother Nature’s mountain side spring water tap. Help yourself, take what you need.

Leave the rest upspoiled, for others on the dusty, less traveled trail.

Maine Map
The Unique State Of Maine Hand Drawn, Creatively Depicted. Like The People That Are The Fruit Of The Tree.

If you want the local real Maine slant, don’t just use sites that make users pay for the membership insertions.

Go to the blog posts with the fresh content on rich experiences. Read the reviews of the folks that thumbs up or down and not just the propaganda of the paid announcements.

Or better yet, forget the scarce reviews in the hidden wonders where they don’t exist. Because those that stumble on to them keep them unannounced. Not bragged about. And like the entrance to the Bat Cave, a secret.

Real Maine is not what the tourist information center print outs say to do.

Come see what was left out of the tourist information brochures. It is what is not talked about and kept sacred. You can not wear out your welcome in places like this. And you see the real Mainer up close and personal. Not the glimpse of one promoted from the low bidder for the marketing of tourism from out in Wisconsin.

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