When the temperature goes down, the thought of lets make a hearty Maine chowder, soup, stew takes over.

Something that does not happen, come to mind when out on your open deck in front of a Maine lake sunset. After a picture perfect, sunshine high over head summer breeze day.

Maine Chowders Soups Stews
Chowders, Soups, Stews Thaw, Warm A Winter Mainer.
Swilling a barley pop or grape juice. During summer living in shorts, sandals. Sporting a tan with natural background music by Maine loons.

Party boats and kayaks, canoes, lazer sail craft drifting by. With the grill, family, friends, conversation during an outdoor BBQ.

It’s lawn chairs in a circle camp fire adult therapy after the eating with your hands grilled meal. Kids splashing, laughing in the water. Chasing fire flies, bull frogs.

Then a Maine winter arrives suddenly.

Something hearty for food, that will stick to your ribs, not wear off needed. To keep you going if working. Laboring, doing chores outside in the Maine cold weather elements.

And the recipes carried over, passed down from the days when pretty much everyone lived on a rural Maine farm. And what goes in the pot was whatever was grown, raised on the family patch of dirt. In abundance during bountiful years. Other times lean. Less populated with vegetables, meat, other seasoning and watered down. More like a broth.

Maine potatoes a given to show up for the table side performance.

With an endless supply in the root cellar retreived along with carrots, onions, corn cut from the home grown garden cob.

Maine Is Hearty Local Food.
Smoke On The Water, Good Weather For Chowders, Soups, Stews.
Stew tomatoes, slaughtered beef or if you were lucky fresh caught ice hole jigged fish. Maybe farm chicken added, stirred into the large pot on the wood cook stove.

More than enough for one table session no matter how many chairs surrounded it. The left overs, parked in the same pot one vessel to store, wait. Put out in the glass sun porch or unheated summer canning kitchen.

To improve in taste as everything mingles, socializes. Gets brewed, comes together for maximum flavor. Much dependent upon the hunger you supply, brought to the dinner table.

To laddle out, revisit when the three sided kitchen triangle sounds to come and get it. Signaling meal time has rolled around again. Bow your head, who’s turn to say grace? Count your blessings. Amen.

So Maine seafood chowder where clam is my favorite denizen of the deep to swim in it.

Any time, temperature reading of the year. Had to go to Ipswich Massachusetts kinda, sorta, indirectly. But what the heck, Maine was part of the Bay State until 1820. Not so long ago really right? We can thank the blogger’s Mom for this clam chowder recipe.

Here are some other soups, stews, chowders collected from around the globe. And from back when men were pretty much helpless in the kitchen, soup to brighten a cold winter night gathering recipes.

And finishing out with Maine soup recipes designed to keep that winter oil furnace off.

Silent, as long as possible. To avoid the nickel, dime, twenty dollar pan handling that happens once it’s dialed in reluctantly. Put into Maine home heating operation along with layering, digging out wool sweaters. Check out these 8 soups, chowders, recipes to consider serving up, sliding on to your dinner table.

Before Campbell’s reminded us that soup is MMMmmmm good food, Mainer’s already knew that. Still do. Could you pass those oyster crackers please? Another splash of chowder, soup, stew for you too? Hand me that bowl. Eat up. There’s plenty. And we all know seconds, thirds always make the Maine cook smile, grandmother happy.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker