Maine. Bring the kids, add lots of seashore sand, the sound of the surf.

Mix in the smell of the salt air off the coast of Maine. And if the wind is just right, take a kite skyward.

Don’t forget the sunscreen. Or to go for a sail boat ride fueled by the wind.

Anchor and take a dip, a nap, read a good book. Grill something back on the aft to take to the bow.

Wells Moody Beach Maine
Listen To The Surf, Dazzle The Eyes With Water Diamonds. Wells / Moody Beach Maine.

Spent the Labor Day Weekend in the Wells Beach area and really enjoyed the Maine coastline. Brought you home a few snapshots from the Brownie Hawkeye.

You can not help but have fun on the Maine coast. You have to be amused and at put at total ease in the Maine beach regions.

Of The Yorks, Ogunquit, Wells, Sanford, The Kennebunks, Biddeford, Saco and Old Orchard Beaches.

Several helpings of fried clams hauled up from the deep destroyed.

A trip to Reny’s for the sand toys. Other bargains. (Pronouced BARRrr-gins)

N’er Beach Motel is well located affordable lodging option. If you are not couch surfing. Planning to sleep in your car or under a bridge.

Zeroing in on a touch down in the Wells beaches area of Maine?

With everything you need handy and easy to access, the N’er Beach Motel is about 45 units of lodging, one super where to stay option. To consider when you open the wallet or purse wide.

Trolley service to shuttle you back and forth from Wells to Ogunquit Maine tourist attractions. With words on front that rhyme with trolley one way. Blue ones with sea terms on the front heading north during the Maine tourist season.

Maine Seacoastal Vacations Are Best!
Steer The Shortest Path To Maine. Get Some Sand In Your Shoes.

Look Mom, no hands. No driving needed for the 10 and 2. All aboard. Step to the back.

Hang out the open sides of the trolley rides and meet other “tour guides” that give you the straight skinny. On all the fine dining establishments to add dimension to your waistline.

The insider secrets shared. The ones about where to get the best experience for the memory making. What you take home to wherever you hang your lid.

Maine is famous for fine food.

And there is no shortage of it along the coastal towns of Maine.

Lots of outdoor farmer’s markets to do the dining plenty home grown and totally heathy too.

No shortage of roadside stands for the fruit and veggies in Maine.

The vacation along the Maine coast does not all have to revolve around the green clawed lobster that turns bright red.

When the timer ding dings it is time for the bib and jaws of life.

To extract the delicate meat to dip and let swim in the melted butter.

Maine Beaches Photo
Sample ME. Pick A Place To Plant Your Beach Chair Along The Miles Of Maine Coastline.

Where the red carpet for the tourists is rolled out and kept fresh, new and different.

To gain the return traffic to familiar old stomping grounds in Vacationland.

But hanging out at the beaches of Maine. Hopefully, to pass on the habit to the younger ones.

Who are taught by example on this is one way to do this game call life.

To create the best uses of the spaces. Of time that you cull out and cherish.

Coast along the Maine coast.

Preserving the downtime to unplug and recharge from the total relaxation.

Maine Kite Weather, There Is A Breeze.
A Break From The Water, Flying A Kite At The Wells / Moody Beach Seashore.

There is nothing like it to make everyone feel relaxed.

Instantly. Because all the cares of the World evaporate.

That is what a true vacation is suppose to do. Suspend your life.

Replacing it with a whole entirely new backdrop. To gain perspective.

To reflect on how your life has been going. To continue or change the course heading as you see fit. Or steady as she goes because everything is fine and dandy.

In the rolling waves and timing the tide just right.

For a fun day in Maine at the coast, soaking up the sunshine and blue sky.

Have you had your sessions, plenty of doses of Maine sea coast this year?

And explored all the other areas of this big state of Maine?  No matter what the season?

Maine, don’t stay away so long.

Beach Life During A Maine Vacation.
Pick A Season. Enjoy Your Place In The Sun In Maine.

Don’t stand her up or keep her waiting.

Bask regularly in her drop dead beauty any chance you get.

Here is a handy dandy Maine beaches guide. Maine has more than 28,000 bodies of water. Not just the Atlantic Ocean hogging the vacation spotlight.

Imagine 6000 ponds and lakes over an acre in size. Plus 22,000 pools and ponds. That ought to keep you from going thirsty for Maine waterfront fun recreational options.

Maine has over 32,000 miles of fishing water, for paddling whatever vessel you captain.

When you are lucky enough to live in Maine, there is no excuse whatsoever.

For missing out on scheduling the fun to take in the many attractions.

Maine Outdoor Market. Been To One?
Farm Fresh Locally Sourced Food From Maine. Get Healthy Inside And Out In Maine.

The picking a few new ones from the long list of what makes Maine one of a kind special.

Ever thought how lucky you would be if you were relocated, retired in Maine?

Or just packed up and brought your telecommuting job to Maine?

Maine is one place to find your style. To get away from all the people that cramp it now where you live in the concrete urban jungle.

Maine, your best choice for healthy living.

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