Point whatever you are driving north to Maine.

Load up the Desoto, Chevy Nomad wagon, van man to the gills. Hike, bike. Heck, stick out that thumb. Bum a ride to Vacationland if you have to as your last option.

You may have friends in Maine that are one option for lodging. Couch surfing here and there. Until your feet get planted firmly under you. And you end up “sponsoring” someone the same fashion to play it ahead. Pass it on.

Maine Is Less People, More Living.
Recharge, Unplugged In Uncrowded Maine.

Why do people move, relocate to Maine?

This link speaks volumes on the attraction eye candy one by one. A slew of reasons for the kick in the pants. The get up and go ambition building.

But the primary reason for the let’s make the ME move is something is missing in your life. You can attempt for awhile to ignore it.

Try the lazy, throw money at it medication that works half baked at best. But it all fetches up. There is a ghost in the machine running the show.

What’s missing?

Usually space, or the lower cost of living in Maine. Friendly make eye contact, glad to see you people. Not the ones that avoid your conversations, are in one major life or death serious hurry  scurry. And the idea light bulb shines brightly like an arc welder. Or the glint of rows and rows of floating sunshine lake diamonds that mesmerize.

Guiding a person’s one by one steps. To make the life mental shift to home grown rather than store bought. Do I need it or just want it thinking. One big kick in the pants. Away from multi story skyscraper living and bring it all home as Johnny’s record producer said in the studio to launch a career.

Maine, The Colors Shade, Like Your Mood.
Colors Of Just Winter White, With A Splash Of Shaggy Horse Chestnut Brown.

To high tail it out of a high crime, heavy traffic location to rural Maine.

Life is too short to be stuck in grid lock. To waste it in the race.

The days and night are made to live, experience. To learn and grow from the discoveries. To grow and expand to avoid becoming narrow and stagnant. If you are happy, passionate about where you hang your hat.

Where you live, work and play. Raise a family. No place better than small town values, without living in fear.

Some folks we hear from in our job as a Maine real estate broker for coming up on 36 years. Making the leap fueled by the cattle prod of regrets.

Stuck too long between the rock and hard place without the option of going sideways or around whatever life obstacle froze them dead in their tracks. Wanting to start over, do it again Steely Dan.

The burning desire for answers to life’s problems, mysteries.

You can hear yourself think in Maine . Because no one is in your space except you. Is is a comfort living in the 4th lowest crime state.

Happy Maine Families, Households.
How To Cook Up A Happy Household, Create A Happy, Responsible Family Member.

Being able to fix and repair, do your home improvements yourself and not having every micro move tied to writing a check, sliding a magnetic card.

Not spending money like a drunken sailor into port.

Or a pirate out on a night of raising cane when the rum in the tum tum firewater kicks in. Just before the black out.

Respect, easy does it, slow she goes.

Growing your own food and knowing what you put down the hatch. More hands on and feeling pretty peacock proud of what took you longer.

But the next time would be done in shorter time with what was self taught watching a you tube how to video along the way.

Your home improvement project taking a lifetime to complete but the process savored. The results sweeter because the high on the tree fruit that takes effort to reach is always tastier than the quick grab low hanging fruit.

You can do it, attah boy felt inside. Reminded if it is to be it is up to me.

Maine Outdoor Natural Beauty
Maine Is Outdoors, Friendly People, Less Crowds, More Beauty.

Maine is simple living, raise your own from out back on the vast acreage, not hemmed by inches that surrounds you.

You are not on house arrest living in Maine.

And your can telecommute, bring that old job to make it your new on in Maine. Need almost speed of thought Internet?

Folks learn along the way with the dips, twists of life that nothing stays the same. Life changes, moves fast and you better keep up with the 5,6,7,8 hokey pokey. Life does not stop for anyone. The trick to keep it all in perspective.

Knowing 95% of folks are well intentioned, want the same gusto out of their short life on the revolving green and blue marble. To consider it all joy, smiling from a generator linked to the upward turn of the corners of the mouth somewhere down close to their souls.

Maine is a place of unspoiled beauty.

Of lots of room to roam and stretch your legs. Expand your mind and streamline how you approach conflict and avoid drama. Manure storms.

Get Outdoors, Get To Maine Any Of The Four Seasons.
Paddling Your Own Boat, Raft, Canoe, Kayak In Maine.

You can do that easier and plane out, cruise at a more turbulence free altitude when you have personal space, freedom from the layers of players that plague you in the urban concrete jungle.

Maine, she’s personal, warm, friendly and you feel the local connect.

You can sigh “whew” and replace, shed the feeling of “meh” living in Maine. Ready for a second, third helping of that?

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