The life in a small town Maine community is more connected, down to Earth, real.

What is important is the other people in the local area. Every individual who hangs his or her hat in the small Maine town has lots of tasks living where there are less people to fill the community needs. You see it especially during a 4th of July celebration. Because everyone rallies to put on an event to be proud of that is home grown and local.

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Small Maine Towns Are Closer To The Wildlife, The Recreation Trails. Less People, More Space, Clear Air, Fresh Water Make It Unspoiled Special!

Small Maine towns are safe, there is so much to get involved in that you best pace yourself. The small Maine town local citizens are aware of how lucky they are every trip to a city. Sure it’s fun to hit a Boston Red Sox game. But to return to small town living without the traffic, the round the clock sounds of emergency responders is a wonderful relief.

Small Maine towns are affordable, have a unique collection of individuals who really care about the local area.

They are invested and work the events beyond just the 4th of July. Everyone traveling to Maine knows low cost vacations are possible. You are able to relax when worry about crime or too many people causing all the slow or not moving traffic are removed from your field of vision. You can ease up and feel the tension removed when you make it to one of the hundreds and hundreds of small Maine towns to rest and relax.

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Not Losing Old Ways Of Doing Things. Maine Is The Blend Of Old And New. The Pace Slow Enough For Pleasure Horses For Example. Or Working Ones Too.

Closer to Mother Nature. living on a Maine lake, spending time at a wood’s camp. Getting to know Jack Frost, Old Man Winter. Many get the bug to stay in Maine longer than just one week a year the more exposures to Vacationland they log on their life journey to discover and explore new regions.

The thought of moving, relocatng to Maine becomes a strong one when the contrast from city living is stacked up against small town living. So much is missing when all the people of a large population are removed. The lack of lots of money to fund events means the local citizenry has to belly up to the bar and get creative to pull off the year after year calendar of events small Maine towns are famous for creating and sustaining.

In small Maine towns, you get to know the other people in them because of working together for the common good.

From  all the volunteering on the non profit projects that need attention in small Maine communities you get to know each other pretty closely. Because working together on the many events binds the population tighter. Benefit suppers to help

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Traffic Is Not Usually This Heavy Or Aggressive Dog Eat Dog in Small Maine Towns.

show you collectively care when a family is struggling makes it all about others. And your turn to reward others when you get back on your feet is a strong emotion because you are blown away at the level of caring that is given to those between a rock and a hard place.

Everyone kind of knows each other too as time marches on because of the volunteering to serve the community needs.

So when you see a pick up parked beside the road, you stop to make sure everyone is all right. That nothing is needed by the person you are used to seeing behind the wheel. You stop and go back. If the owner is elderly, you make special concessions when you meet them on the road. They might not be the best driver on the highway but not because they are texting or drinking. But old age can dull the reflexes a tad. Can make the vision or depth perception of the peepers a little less sharp. We look out for each other in small Maine towns.

So when you consider how do small Maine town’s people entertain themselves, don’t feel sorry for us because there are not huge sprawling malls to walk around to kill time or perform some retail therapy. They might be part of a 100 person community band. It is not always coming to the rescue of a local family in their time of extreme need. Often the attention is splashed on, poured into kid events. Realize the behind the scenes are the local events they work on and how rewarding being on the front lines and in the trenches of community activities really is. Maine is the way life should be and the fresh air, brighter stars, clean water and less people all help serve up a completely different life experience.

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