I have heard the expression, statement that there are only two real kinds of people in this World.

If you reduced it down to peas and carrots, apples or oranges in grading people.

Your Place, Find It In Maine.
All Walks Of Life Make A Small Maine Community Shine.

You are either busy living, or busy dying. As Andy is told wearing prison garb faded blues. Dreaming of Mexico sitting up against, propped, holding up an institutional concrete block wall.

Surrounded by several strands of hurricane circles of barb wire.

Juggling a hand full of small rocks and loose sand like he was just idling in the warming up a pair of dice.

To get back in to the game. The one on the outside.

Some people find relaxation, peace in their personal gardens.

To help unwind and get centered. Others hike, bike, jog, paddle a kayak. Or wet a fishing line right around sunrise.

Or toting some fire power as they try hard. Not to scare while tip toeing. Rustling the dead leaves of

Eastport Maine Fisherman
Fishing For Something Missing? Maine. Find It Here.

brilliant fall colors as sunset nears. Looking for winter food to park in  the family chest freezer.

Others would bend your ear.

Have you thinking that there are but two species of human nature. That what motivates you makes you take one or the other side of the gym. Suit up.

Take you pick. The one labeled “Vocation” or “Vacation”.

The former never working a day in their life at a profession that feels anything but like work.

Because they are a happy raisin in the right place.

Under the big yellow light, heat source arcing overhead.

Maine Hiking Haystack Mountain.
Maine, Get High. Lots Of Chances To Rise Above The Static.

Whatever you classify yourself, whatever makes you tick there is one thing we can all agree on.

Here and now, wouldn’t you say we all need peace and quiet, extra helping of unspoiled wide open space? To easy does it. To unplug, recharge. To gain perspective. Hear yourself think.

Life is ticking by. Nothing to lament, everything to gain by realizing it is short. But how you live it, what you show up for and add to yours is so so important.

And why a place like Maine was created. Maine, don’t keep her waiting. Pencil in that Maine vacation. Like the oil change, you are way way overdue.

Don’t stand her up or you only hurt yourself in missing out.

This fourth of July, anytime you can sneak away to head north up the pike.

To cross the big green bridge on the other end close to Bean Town. Get to Maine. See what you have been missing in Vacationland.

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