Moving, relocating to Maine, what creates the itch needing to be scratched?

And how long does the loving feeling for Maine last? What makes the longing grow stronger, dig itself deeper? Maine tugs hardest on the heart strings of those just not built to shuck and jive in a city. Maine is small town connected, helpful, honest. The cost of living is lower in a small Maine town. Because cars don’t get stolen, gangs don’t roam the streets collecting for chop shops. Less fender benders when population is low like Maine. We look out for those elderly drivers who we know on sight and who’s own has dimmed. Cut ’em some slack. Especially if they are wearing a yellow Fisher snow plow angled your direction on front of that well known pick up truck. Give them a wide berth Chummy.

old coffee pot
Coffee Early In The Morning The Old Fashion Way! Get To Maine, Relax, Breathe.

Way way more land around whatever you purchase for real estate in Maine. House and land prices are lower. Slaving to make mortgage payments is not a given. When you fill in the spaces, tear off and send the checks in at the end of the month. Fun is outdoors, no or low cost generated. All four seasons offer something special that touches folks in intimate places they did not know they had. Fear, personal safety is not a drain on the brain of the people who live in rural Maine. No dead bolts and chain locks in the 4th lowest crime state.

Worry about making a certain salary, meeting some imaginary financial goal objective may be a seed planted by parents, educators.

Who live in a small town but longed to see what life was like in the bright lights, big city. Get away, shoo fly.

Travel cures that concern and folks that feel trapped in a small town should move and relocate. Try out what they think is missing. Those who have appreciate Maine even more. Because they have other surroundings to compare it to and the appreciation increases. The local whining and bitching stops.

Maine Kite Weather, There Is A Breeze.
A Break From The Water, Flying A Kite At The Wells / Moody Beach Seashore.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And you don’t appreciate something as much as you should until it is removed from your life right? A couple of weeks of therapy living, surviving, struggling in say Boston’s Combat Zone oughta do it.

Living in small rural Maine does not mean retreating to the stone age.

High speed internet, telecommuters are common as you bring your online job with you to Maine. Those with an income that follows them flock to Maine too and they are not all retired, wearing the gold watch for all those years of service somewhere far from Maine.

Maine's Kennebunkport Maine Beach Sea Shore
One Beach Is Not Exactly Like The Next. This One In Maine In Kennebunkport At Dusk.

Maine only has a handful of cities. And the shift of folks living in the ones closer to Boston making the move deeper into the interior, pushing further north. It is happening as I hear in my day job some just don’t feel like they live in the Maine they grew up in because of increased population. All that is lost when the head count number rises.

Maine, why Maine?

The unspoiled beauty, the vast wide open space, fresh air, clean water. The simpler living in Maine. You are needed in small Maine towns, you have a role to do beyond raising your kids, holding down a job. You contribute in lots of little ways so collectively the pride of the small Maine town, your area of one of the sixteen counties swells. You work behind the scenes in the local community events, not just pay for the price of admission in small Maine town productions.

Fire engines send off and receive the sports teams that leave town boundaries lines to defend a title or earn a new one. We cheer on and had a hand in raising our youngsters. We know them by first name, their brothers, sisters too. Our households have hub bub from more than our own and kids grow up feeling a part in their community. And long to come back to it if forced to move but that leave their heart back in Maine. The state up here in the left hand upper corner which by rights should be in Canada. And shares a rich heritage with the land of the waving red maple leaf.

Maine Dogs Bond.
The Pets Socialize As Their Owners Do The Same On A Maine Open Deck. Chill.

Folks moving, relocating to Maine get the unexpected perk of venturing into the Maritimes.

No one told them in the four color brochure pushing Maine tourism how neat it really is to be a two nation vacation destination. And our sports teams drag us to other parts of Maine. We hang around after the game and get to know our Maine small town host by tooling the area, sampling what each has to offer. That is the sparkle on the facets of the jewel dubbed Maine.

Ever been Downeast Maine? This Me In Maine blog post channel tries to highlight the many areas of Maine. Folks that claim to have been to Maine but only the Kittery Trading post and a quick trip back across the big green bridge quick like a bunny like we urged the kids. They missed out on so much! Come back, go deeper, stay a little longer sometime. Make Maine a life long habit.

I love where I live in Maine.

But just as much, exploring and discovering all the special areas of Maine living here is what adds the sizzle to the steak. The ice shacks are slowly leaving the frozen sheets of water, sap houses are in production making the maple syrup. Canoe and kayak race schedules are being circulated around Maine. We are scanning seed catalogs, planning for outdoor remodeling or renovation projects and shopping materials for the DIY updates. Little league, soap box derby registrations are landing in household metal boxes and email inboxes.

Maine Land Photo
Maine Has A Lot Of This… Just Land. No People, No Wind Generators Or Anything Man Made.

Space in an under populated state like Maine creates the sense of relief and then bring in, cue all the wildlife. Everyone longs to see a moose, white tail deer, a whale vacationing in Maine right?

Birds singing, fish jumping, no highway hum of big trucks or all those city sirens. The sunrises, sunsets on a lake, a river, ocean front cause a person to let go completely. To gaze into the outdoor fire pit while friends and family collect to share, bond, to dream. Munching slow cook, locally sourced home made food. Much you raised yourself or others at the social gatherings contributed to the common menu.

Thinking you could benefit from a little Maine time spent wisely to ease back, enjoy life a lot more? Less distractions, more hands on skill building and help from your neighbors who join forces. Who wouldn’t benefit from that? Thought of moving, relocating to Maine?

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