State of Maine agricultural fairs, there are twenty five last count that start the end of June and run until October.

The number of local community members working year round on Maine fairs is staggering. Pitch in, find areas you can add something to is a common pursuit of many small town local Maine community members. Here is more on Maine state fairs. And for dates and times of fairs around Maine, visit this schedule link.

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Maine Four Season Recreation. See Maine On An ATV ITS Trail Ride, On A Snow Sled, Hoofing And Hiking It.

Why are Maine state agricultural fairs so much fun?

Because they are family orient, there is something for everyone. From 4H exhibits from photography to cooking and the ability to walk through the stables to visit with goats, chickens, cows, and to attend horse shows, truck and tractor pulls, the list of why fairs in Maine are attractive is a long one. I relish a foot long Italian sausage with the fried green and red peppers, the grilled onions in a fresh bread roll. Walking through the Midway if the state fair is lucky enough to have rides and game exhibits, you feel like a kid again. And you realize how important, how special this fair is when you consider the rides through a pair of eight, ten, twelve year old eyes. The Ferris wheel to look over all that

midnight madness in maine
Midnight Madness In Houlton Maine, Aroostook County Seat Or Shiretown.

gets set up quickly by the carnies and the locals who join forces for a state fair.

Once fireworks were legalized in Maine, it seems the ground and sky shows took on a new level of excitement.

More competition, more options all out in the open for the consumer and communities alike. The fireworks cost came down as the legality improved to remove the black market sales and to regulate the sky shows and ground displays for safety sake. What it is about a state fair that makes you come back year after year? Proud to be an American and 4th of July displays hit a patriotic nerve? Or hands on displays of simple living or reminders of why you live in Maine rubbing shoulders with your fellow man part of it?

Food, fun, fair rides, games, horse shows, farm animal and tractor exhibits all add to living in Maine.

maine farm animals
Animals, People Of Maine Get Along Just Fine. Because It’s Not Crowded. We Need Each Other.

The Maine state fairs often have a theme and beside local and national music acts, the state of Maine gets in on the action. Take for example the Common Ground Fair… there are hands on demonstrations for living off the land. Better living with farm to the table food that you know was never gassed or sprayed with who knows what to push production. New ways to live better, healthier, to squeeze more joy, to increase awareness of improved living options.

The Common Ground Fair is in September in Maine. You are what you eat, your lifestyle is up to you. Your kids are watching and learning from the example you set for them to 5, 6, 7, 8. Plus you always get a neat t-shirt, something in the take away from a state of Maine fair experience stays with you.

Or you work a component of it to make the experience extra special for others. Holding down a tent location or working behind the scenes in a state of Maine agricultural fair exhibit. It is all about others and sharing what you and I have learned. Comparing notes, helping improve others life by sharing, caring and making an effort for your fellow man. That’s what it’s all about. Hey. (Said, sand, recited to the tune of Hokey Pokie.)

Demolition Derby Race Car Driver In Maine
Would You Take Driver’s Education From This Demolition Derby Driver?

Antique car shows, everything from souped up lawnmowers to race to demolition derby crash up car competitions. Maine state fairs offer more than beano or bingo, fair food vendors and carnival rides. Buying a raffle ticket on a worthwhile local cause. Little Miss or Mr Fire Cracker competitions. Local talent, there is lots in a Maine small community.

If a small Maine town is still able to be a state fair venue, it is a sign of strong local volunteers that work tirelessly year after year to sustain and improve the event.

Liability insurance if a big expense. We live in a time where some people sue for a living, for revenge and there are fewer and fewer honest mistakes or good Samaritan acts.

The local Maine weather can wreak havoc with the best laid plans on the fair brochure line up. Lots of planning, plenty of seed money goes into the line items for a state of Maine fair venue schedule.

State fairs of Maine, is it the dough boys with white confectionery sugar or cinnamon dusting?

maine fair carnival fourth of july
The Carnival Food, Fun, Games, Rides. Did You Get Your Fill This 4th Of July In Maine?

Is the horse show, the animal exhibits, the fireworks, the carnival midway rides and games that make you return to see what you are missing? Our local Rotary Club used to man the gates into the state fair. You did your shift, met lots of local folks coming through the gates and it was like old home week with your relatives that were in the mix of people heading in to the state fair. Here is a video of one local Maine state fairs, usually the first on the list. The eager beaver in Maine in my home town of Houlton, the oldest town in Aroostook County.

I am spoiled because I live in Maine. I am a local, a native and have access to all the wonder that happens year round, season after season up here in the northern most New England state wedged up against Atlantic Canada and Quebec. This summer and early fall I pledge to visit some of the state fairs in Maine I have missed and to report back to the readership. To post a blog post or video clip and some imagery to showcase what you are missing faithful Me In Maine blog post readers. To display what happens at each of the unique state fairs, the agricultural presentations that dot the state of Maine. That put each vibrant community and area of one of the sixteen counties of Maine on the map. Maine is the way life should be.

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