Fenway Park, touted as America’s most beloved major league baseball stadium. Fenway opened April 20, 1912

And when you live in New England, you see lots of Red “B’s demonstrating the loyalty of the Red Sox Nation following. Oh sure you have a few wearing the emblem of the Evil Empire, mostly to be rebels. To get a rise out of the rest of the Red Sox diehards that like their parents before them follow the team through nip and tuck seasons. The ups and downs of the wins and losses. Play ball.

red sox nation
Heading Into Fenway Park. You Can Take The Train, Or You See Some Exotic Cars Along The Way Cruising In From Wherever You Live In Red Sox Nation.

Listening on the radio is a summer ritual for Red Sox Nation fans of all ages.

Being “up tah woods camp or lake cottage” and tuning in with just your ears. It’s summer time, lemonade, hot dogs, baseball time to celebrate the months in the middle of the calendar year. There is something tapping into the old time radio ritual of listening. And at the same time creating the picture in your head. Playing on the inside of the back of your head on the mental projector.

The announcer who can “take you out to the ballpark” and cause you to smell the popcorn and peanuts, to hear the vendors peddling them. To visualize the green monster as if you are there to hear and watch the going, going, gone. Fenway Park is one of the best known sports venues in the World!

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Heading Into Fenway Park. Some Fans From All Over Red Sox Nation Vast Territory Make The Trip Often!

There is nothing like the feeling when the home town wins in Boston and you just witnessed another game for the play books. With the Red Sox coming out on top. Especially when the opposing team in the other dug out is filled with Yankees.

Swarming the ballpark like aggressive ants at a well stocked New England / Red Sox Nation picnic spread. Oh sure, you will have Oriole fans in the audience, those who root for the Mets, the Expos, LA, the Indians, the Cardinals, etc. Some how above all the teams played, a win over the Yankees at Fenway or in NYC feels like as close as most folks ever get to the World Series experience. At least it works that way in my head. When a bases loaded home run changes everything. And the wind is blowing just right around the Pesky pole so it was not foul and the fans ignite in excitement. Go Red Sox!

When you are on your way to Fenway Park, the closer you get to Boston, you feel the swarm of support for the Red Sox ramping up.

Look around. It’s written on the faces, across the T-shirts fronts and sew on in bold letters on knock off baseball jerseys. Even the ads on the billboards. “Kid’s eat free if the Red Sox win at Ninety Nine”. You know who their favorite team is without any doubt as you travel 128, RT 1, I-93 or 495. And even more than that small fact, often the favorite player picked out of the squad is spelled out for you and the name often just barely fits across the shoulders.

Major league baseball, red sox nation
Hot Dogs, Sam Adams Or Whatever Summer Ale To Quench Your Thirst. It’s Summer In Red Sox Nation!

Petrocelli, Conigliaro, Yastrzemski, Papelbon, Unless it is a short Ortiz, Lee, Tiant, Fisk or a little longer Pedroia. Each fan wonders what the next few hours hold in store for their beloved Red Sox team.

Did you collect baseball cards, trade them growing up?

Buying the trading cards and tossing away the gum?I remember a neighbor of mine obsessed with baseball cards who told his sixth grade teacher Mrs Barker it was his mother’s birthday. And he bummed twenty dollars from her to buy a new shipment of major league baseballs card at lunchtime from Woolworth’s.

The same kid to impress a girl that did not like him ate a giant night crawler. A fellow school  classmate who sold bait for fishing brought in his largest, most active one. I swear it could do pull ups on a chin up bar, it was huge and active. (MEMO: Girls are not impressed or more inclined to date and kiss guys who eat night crawler worms of any size.) The thirty two dollars in money raised probably was used to buy the latest baseball cards to add to his collection.

Red Sox Baseball Team
Respect As One Of The Hardest Songs To Sing But Most Touchy One Is Sung. And The Baseball Hats Go Back On, And Announcer Near The Organ Player Shouts “Pay Ball!”

Do you dream of fantasy major league baseball teams combinations of players? Lots of folks are driven by baseball, the America past time at ball parks across the land.

The crowds of people coming in from all directions around Fenway Park. Holding tickets to their baseball stadium seats to watch the Red Sox play ball. Is this the season they go all the way to the World Series now that the curse is broken? You don’t have to be a Peter Pan to believe. Just believe.

Have been to a game between the Red Sox and Yankees where the Boston team trailed in the eighth inning.

But the Sweet Caroline song shot in the arm boost sang by the crowd, the “wave” of fans up and down around the park as the chatter increases and support bubbles over. The chemistry and pitching rotation, something in the magic of Fenway all combines to cause the “W”.

boston red sox game fenway park
Hey Batter Batter SWING! Or Wait For The Pitch To Fuel The Red Sox To A “W” At Fenway Park, Boston MA.

Nothing compares to the feeling as you walk shoulder to shoulder with happy fans, some with a healthy amount of barley pop in their system. Who are on cloud nine because the Red Sox won. The rest of their personal life could be struggling but something good happened here today in Boston, not Mudville folks.

This past Saturday, headed down to Boston from Wells Beach and watched the Boston Red Sox pull off a victory at Fenway against the opposing Atlanta Braves team.

Beautiful sunshine, a packed stadium and a win for the home team, the Boston Red Sox. Would love to insert a video highlights of the game but not worth the copy right warning penalties.

Get your major league baseball game tickets and maybe you go on a regular basis and live close to Fenway Park, whatever stadium is your regular haunt. To root, root for the home team. Any ball team. Pick yours to support and listen on the radio, grab some tickets and visit during a home stand. Introduce a young member of your family to Red Sox Nation. Or whatever baseball team you watch, listen to, follow. We were lucky to have  a family member who lives in Boston loan us a parking spot only a few blocks from Fenway Park this time in Bean Town.

fenway park boston red sox
The Green Monstah… Fenway Park’s Broadcast Team.

Little league baseball players watch and learn from the big major American and National team  players. 

Living in rural Maine where parking, traffic is never ever a problem, it is easy to forget how coveted a secure parking spot is to city dwellers. Here’s the latest Red Sox News. Learn about baseball trades, getting Fenway tickets, what the schedule is so you can pencil in a trip to the ball park with the Green Monster, the history, the hot dogs, barley pop and food vendors!

What’s your favorite baseball team and we’re stick licking out wounds about the Celtic’s loss to the Cavs in the basketball playoffs in game seven. Watched that one on TV during the Memorial Day Vacation at Wells Beach. Do you watch your Red Sox game on the big screen hanging on your living room or den wall? Do you follow the Red Sox out of state or during spring training wintering outside of Maine? When was the last time you took in a major league baseball game at Fenway Park as a member of Red Sox Nation?

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