The reading material in Maine, what you find yourself holding as you ride shot gun traveling up the I-95 pike into Maine.

Vacationland is a tall, wide, vast state and securing the right publications can help the experience while roaming the Pine Tree State.

I live in the Crown of Maine, up in “The County” and Aroostook folks like the rest of the state all enjoy looking for the latest Uncle Henry’s buy, sell, swap guide that hits the new stands on Thursday of each week.

Maine humorist Tim Sample who is from Fort Fairfield Maine weaves Uncle Henry’s into his comedy routine.

maine moose eating in lake photo
The Scenery In Maine. What You Look Up And See While Reading Uncle Henry’s, The Delorme Maine Atlas Gazetteer, A Stephen Kind Book.

The long time premier Maine comedian quotes one gem as he scans leaning back on a stool holding an Uncle Henry’s as far out as his arms will carry it. Under a hot spotlight shining down from overhead he reads carefully. “Size 14 wedding dress. Never worn. Will trade for shotgun.”

Then the ad proceeds to provide contact information so the trade can be completed between the disgruntled bride that did not tie the knot and has a little unfinished business that will be probably classified under the crimes of passion column of the Portland Press Herald, the Bangor Deadly News or whatever newsprint you get your fix and open wide for an eye full in the read read read.

Uncle Henry’s is a key to making a native’s hard earned pay check go further, to get more from their small fixed income retirement dollars.

Like the funnies, the comic section and which strips your eyes bee line to in sequence, Uncle Henry has sections that appeal to everyone in the audience. I like to check out the airplanes, farm machinery and use the real estate section for business.

The Maine Atlas Gazetteer Map, a Delorme company based in Yarmouth now owned now by GPS giant Garmin, a Swiss company that plans to continue press of one valuable book.

To struggle with tucking it under your arm as you trek Maine’s back woods roads and trails. “You can get there from here-ah” if your are carrying the big, bulky latest updated Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map book that is depended on by many around the state.  As the pickups full of hunters, fishermen, sportsmen dressed in camo and blaze orange ply the back roads of Maine looking for wildlife and highly scenic adventures.

Maine Lighthouses Enhance The Sea Shore Experience.
How’s This For a Back Drop Reading Your Favorite Book In Maine?

And the Stephen King book, there are so many to select from if you find yourself are caught up, not nursing on any other reading material while in Maine.

Most make you appreciate being inside a Maine home or woods camp, lake cottage, wherever you find yourself reading. About the only time you find yourself locking your doors in Maine. And when you are a little jumpy but it all improves the take away from reading.

When the heightened state of awareness just serves to draw you deeper, to the place of no return into the literary works of the Bangor Maine author. See the Maine house where Stephen King lives in Penobscot County. The guy responsible for too little sleep from too much ready into the week hours of the night when you tell yourself, just one more page.

One thing for certain in Maine, you will not be reading billboards as you motor through the state. Maine billboards were banned back in 1970’s. No shortage of No Trespassing signs and some are pretty humorous and keep you guessing about venturing onto the land of another after reading them and weighing the odds of is it worth it to go against the sign’s advice on posted property when on the trail.

Reading material in Maine, the menu at the eating establishments can be entertaining too.

Remember a family vacation trip to Big Squaw Mountain to ski with the kids and the special of the day at the local Greenville Maine restaurant being “whatever the UPS package delivery driver hit on the way over recently”.

maine vacation destinations
Maine Is A Popular Venue For Weddings, Vacations Where You Are In The Woods, On The Water. And You Get To Mesh With The Local Small Town Community Settings.

Road kill, MMMmmmmm good and nutritious. Pass plenty of the Frank’s hot sauce please. Drive careful and keep those eyes peeled for clusters of deer, black bear, moose or wild turkeys. You can surprise them when you come around a corner on a back road in rural Maine. And suddenly they can not get out of their own way due to the numbers pushing, shoving. As you pile on the brakes to avoid stoving up, fender bending all to heck whatever you are driving exploring the great state of Maine.

Take your pick. The reason for coming to Maine is from a long list of personal needs.

It is what has been missing. Once Maine gets into your system, she tugs on your heart and you can not stay away for long. Maine, come for a day, end up spending a lifetime. Don’t stand her up. Sample her drop dead gorgeous sights, sounds, smells and throttle up all of your senses.

So much to discover, only so much time to fit it all in when you put Maine into your GPS and here we go. Hang on, it will be a ride you will never forget. The friendly locals in the Maine small towns guarantee it.

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