When you live in a state not flush with money, life improves.

Because everything required to live in the state of Maine is not cats in the cradle string loop connected. Not wired to the wallet you sit on or the purse you carry. The amount of green dead Presidents you have stashed in the bank, a bed mattress or buried out back in the apple orchard. That is not what fuels the day to day in Maine. Do it yourself, being a Jack of all trades develops. Attah boy and exchanging skills, trading, no money swap of talent for talent. Not showing up on an IRS end of the year tax return.

Houlton Maine Rotary Auction
Over $70,000 Items To Bid On, Many Home Made Special On The Houlton ME Rotary Auction.

Important distinction pause in the Maine blog post.

Frugal is not cheap. But the how low will she go. The rock bottom price here and now. How much wiggle room? Will you budge on that final offer number? Dickering is an art form. Passed down through the Maine generations as an important life skill.

Uncle Henry’s has been dubbed a “literary giant” by Maine Downeast humorist Tim Sample.

The short four line column black and white ad stating “Size 12 empire waist white wedding dress, never worn. Still sealed in bridal shop plastic. Will trade for 12 gauge shot gun or higher caliber assault rifle.” That is an ad that requires the faithful Uncle Henry’s Swap Or Sell It, Trade It Guide book holder to read between the lines. It speaks volumes. Says so much that you can miss if not paying attention. To what’s being telegraphed in that simple but powerful ad statement.

Subtle, hard hitting, cut to the chase. No pussy footing around the issue when you are needing something. On a mission. Hovering, circling like spiraling cats. With cash on the barrel head ready to buy. But. If. At a certain price. Because Mainer’s have highly tuned impulse spending control when it comes to letting go of the very hard earned dollars.

At an early age, all the young Maine grasshoppers learn just what exactly it takes to earn that green back. And if what is being “I spied with my little eye” is tipping the scales in the trade, exchange the wrong way. No dice happens.

Maine Auctions Save Money.
That’s A Low Bid, Come Back With Higher If You Really Want The Auction Item. It’s Wicked Nice. Wicked Good.

Dickerers call Uncle Henry’s the “Bible”.

Every Thursday, hands up, who reaches for the different cover color print publication covering Northern New England? I do. Study farm tractors for sale , what’s up for grabs for real estate that needs my help in promotion. Checking out antique cars, who has a pre-owned Jeep or snow sled in Maine for sale.

Making ends meet, survival and buy it, flip it has been going in Maine long before the reality shows popped up on a channel surf.

About steal, fix, flip the sticks and bricks episodes where you can relate to the week after week character development. Of man and woman on the street folks just like you and me.

That dicker to buy low, apply the Texas sunshine. Spiff it up. Sell as high as the market will bear. But turn over that item Chummy, Mister Man. And experience a wicked good feeling, fun time doing it. Deep down satisfaction radiates inside with dickering joy. Nice.

Have a local 59th Houlton Rotary Radio, TV, Internet Auction coming up the week of Thanksgiving.

For three nights, close to $70,000 worth of locally solicited items are promoted, bid on, sold. Since 1920, the Rotary bid proceeds funding a slew of worthwhile projects. Without the local yearly Houlton Rotary Auction, my little jewel of a Northern Maine town would not sparkle so brightly. Without Rotary, the town would suffer.

Home made items go way way higher.

Off the charts for book value. Especially when neighbors, family members, office worker compete. To as they call it “win” the item. When actually they out bid and bought it showing no mercy in the called in bidding to up the ante. Hear their name read as the successful bidder on the home made chunky style apple sauce.

Making Bids On Maine Auctions, Getting Dickering For A Deal.
Rock Bottom Cheapest, Finding Out The Wiggle Room In An Auction Bidding That Can Go Both Ways.

The twelve hundred pound round bale of hay from Winship Farms. 100 gallons of oil, gift certificates from local merchants. Pairs of tickets to the Nutcracker Performance November 30th.

Or the three night big item, big kahuna Ward Cedar Log Homes Baskehegan camp package. Scope out the items up for bids this year.

Support your local Rotary auctions, anything that pipelines the needed dollars. From charity to the nooks and crannies needing financial lubrication to keep from freezing up.

Disappearing all together.

Let’s Go To The Houlton Rotary Auction, Watch Video.

Get a deal, you don’t need as much money when everything is cheaper. Has to be that way in a rural out of the way state like Maine. With few people, parked up here so far in the Northeast we out to be, almost are in Canada.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker