You are brand new to Maine and after the real estate property closing winds down, everyone gets up.

To shake hands, wish all well as everyone reaches for their hat and coat. If the buyer of Maine real estate asks where is the nearest hardware store?

No Trespassing Signs in Maine
Think Twice, Think Fast. Survivors Will Be Prosecuted.


Oh, I hope it is for mailbox, some lumber, supplies and not a no trespassing sign. To post around the property and to establish the keep out.

Along with the rip up of snow sled trail markets and stakes. Creating a fortress to defend with the orange, black or yellow, red and black or white lettered signs to say this is serious. Keep out, not to trespass. And have a nice day you hear?

For starters using another’s property is a privilege not a right. One rotten apple or two can spoil the fun for all.

More on posting private property in Maine.

I have a snow sled trail across a Maine farm I own and have not had trouble with folks staying on marked trails. No issue with garbage or snack wrappers, barley pop cans scattered around the trails.

Have been asked by one out of stater from New Jersey why I would allow that use? Ah, I am a sled head, like to ride over hill and dale with my own machine. And round and round in circles on your own land in Maine can get boring. Okay for small kids that you want to keep close. But there comes a time to venture out and leave the farm!

Posting Private Maine Land
Posting Private Maine Land. Making A Strong Statement.

When you live in an area of 11 people per square mile in Northern Maine, worry about keeping folks out is not so strong a voice in your head.

But if you live in a place populated with a 1000 people per square mile it is a given, the norm.

It is a matter of perspective for city and country mouse on how they look at posting private property or not on Maine land. When ownership changes, attitudes do too!

To see chain link fences, angry signs to keep out or else off with your head happens. Maybe something about survivors will be dealt with harshly and to the maximum of protections offered by the law statutes. It becomes the lay of the land, how the use of the landscape is defined as the new owner. Along with the erosion of societal norms and loss of respect for others and their property.

Everything is private property and this land is your land, this land is my land. And never the two shall meet. With surveys being done where rock walls always defined the boundaries. And property line squabbles where there never were any before the survey done because they always are on the postage stamp lots on the other side of the river from the green bridge entering Southern Maine.

Posting Private Maine Land
Run Forest. Run Fast. The Slow Ones Catch Lead.

Have heard from one local farmer in Maine concerned about disease being brought in by a four wheeler from one neighboring field to his operation.

Blight is no fun to share for the one on the receiving end that has 3000 dollars tied up in each acre of farm land. Along with personal liability laws in this age of lawsuits.

Birds fly over all the land and can transmit from one to the other from the Maine land they touch down and lift off from.

The wind can blow in nasty things too. Company happens and good luck keeping it out.

Bees, butterflies and humming birds can help pollenate and mingle from piece to piece too. These guys are pretty social and industrious at the same time. Flitting from land tract to property acreage without concern about the name on the title to the real estate.

Some folks don’t mind you taking a nature walk on their Maine land, shooting images of game for the eye candy. Not to end up in the freezer to draw from to star in the supper table dinner and a movie. More on hunting and trapping in Maine.

The old timer who for the last forty years has hunted for game birds or picked fiddle heads along the river or stream bank. May not think of asking the new property owner if the tradition can continue. But because his dad, grandfather before him did the same around the seasons, he just preserves the tradition. And could own a big chunk of land in Maine that he shares the same way.

maine farm calf cow
What’s Brown And White And Surrounded By Green? You See Lots Of These Among Maine Farmsteads.

Until someone dumps garbage, old white goods or a dead couch on his Maine land. And when one piece goes off the stomping grounds inventory, it leads to other horns being pulled in. And the defense of property from someone who abused it starts up.

Gates with locks, the signs that say anything but welcome to Maine.

So I have seen the signs go up, the game camera’s installed and then come down.

Because not needed. The Maine farmer down the way pointing out the ugliness. When summons to weld something broken or could he bush hog or hay a field. Or please hook on with the long chain to pull the new Maine land owner out of the ditch or bottomless mud in a swampy section.

In a nice way, the conversation starts with “Young fella, those signs, say keep out but you want to go everywhere you please onto land of others. And now need a helping hand which I am happy to oblige. But still have to get something off my chest. Those no trespassing signs are ugly, rude, even though protective if someone did get hurt and wanted to sue. We don’t sue for a living, we work for one in Maine.”

The best advice is ask before you tramp on someone else’s Maine land. And extend the same courtesy in return on your Maine land.

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