Maine is a vast state and because of less people, all this space, unspoiled natural beauty abounds.

And what a setting for nuptials, knot tying, weddings in Maine. Especially if you live in a too tight urban area where you have to watch your step to keep from bumping into someone in the bumper to bumper grid lock.

People like vegetable garden plants, too many critters in the barn corral not properly spaced do crazy things. When you invade their breathing room, stand too close to their personal space.

Maine Simple Living
Maine Is Outdoor Living, Hold The Crime. Second Helpings Of Fresh Air, Clean Water Please. Weddings In Maine … One In Your Future?

So Maine wedding settings, you could decide a state park, camping and being knee deep in nature to create a secure ground zero for the couple’s future.

More on the Maine state wedding facility rentals and group spaces to host the event where two family’s merge.

Or you and a loved one, the soul mate, only other of the same species on the planet are on the hunt, browsing for other affordable Maine wedding locations. There are about 9000 weddings in Maine a year. In southern Maine especially being a hop, skip and a jump over the big green bridge to Vacationland from Greater Boston. That offers an exotic, fresh clean different setting from the jammed too close city settings that are the norm for the city mouse. Easier on the wallet too.

Maine for a wedding destination, is it the setting or the connection from years and years of growing up and enjoying a particular location here?

Unplugged, Recharging In Maine.
Peaceful, Four Season Drop Dead Gorgeous, Maine.

Often it is brand new venue with salt water and a sea breeze, sound of the surf like my niece picked for her white dress, black tie affair. The honeymoon elsewhere out of the country.

On a mountain top. Or how do you feel about sand surrounding you to recite your marriage vows?

Picking a sandy beach with a nearby lighthouse for a one stop wedding shop facility like the Kennebunkport Maine grand hotel.

On the beach backdrop during the vows and then wake up the cold or chloroformed Monarch butterflies to rise and shine and flat those delicate winds skyward like hot air balloons released by all holding the strings.

Maine Lighthouses, Lots To See, All Different In Many Ways.
Over 60 Lighthouses In Maine, Have You Started Your Collection Yet? Prospect Harbor One Venue To Visit With The Camera.

These big Maine beach hotel complexes  have all the facilities under one roof.

This is not their first marriage rodeo and can make things come off without a hitch. Experienced about the red flags, devil in the details that can ruin the blessed event.

Chairs, plates, linens, serving all the needs and with the staff trained on everything. The Maine  setting for getting hitched can network the wedding services you check off like breakfast door hangers.

That someone collects in the wee hours and delivers on the orders. With eggs, juice, toast, coffee just the way you like them. When the rooster crows off key.

So one big bank check draft coordinates all the martial festivity fanfare. To hopefully make long lasting memories that everyone in attendance, not just the bride and groom remember warmly.

The family members who won’t be here for long make the date special and are in the wedding photos to prove it. The wedding is a family reunion. Longer than the 20 minutes after a funeral in the parking lot, saying local good byes if there is no celebration of life reception.

Weddings, funerals, they are all basic ingredients of the family unit. One of the most memorable Maine wedding I attended was so simple, low cost.

Maine Is Four Season Outdoor Living, Down To Earth People.
Explore, Discover, Sample Some Of All Maine Has To Offer. Maybe A Wedding Planned In Your Future?

Witnessed a daughter’s wedding in West Gouldsboro / Sorrento Maine last year.

There is one gorgeous public library for a Sorrento Maine wedding reception used for after the exchange of vows in a small country church pictured above.

This was a little harder to coordinate because it was not just one big Maine coastal hotel lobby to enter and sign in to put the wedding together easily.

It needed a wedding coordinator to figure out the logistics. Like the return of a space shuttle. All the professionals doing their expensive piece in the layers of players. To bring it all home for the magic wedding in Maine touch down date. For the getting hitched.

The small venues are special, quaint in Maine for weddings but the larger facilities are like big box one stop shop vendors. Low priced, lots of options when the smoke settles and you tally up the expenses for the wedding in Maine.

My mom and dad told me rural weddings in Maine were home cooked food from the family members not caterers that fed the marital masses.

Candy bought for twenty dollars, someone ties on the tin cans and applies the Just Married signage and streamers. Use the Grange Hall, local church or riverside, lake shore sporting or fraternal lodge.

Wedding Locations
Where To Get Married? Looking For A Location For Knot Tying?

Pick up the big bags of rice to distribute for everyone to throw over the exiting couple. Heading wearing smiles and a feeling of excited relief. For their ride to the reception or to embark on the honeymoon.

And a few black and whites snapped with the Brownie Hawkeye. Of the family, the couple, the rings and hand made local wild flower arrangements to slide into the album book. Hand churned ice cream, bean hole beans cooked in the ground. Smoked turkeys, hams or BBQ pork.

Local musicians rounded up, two punch bowls with ice cream, ginger ale, a large floating block of ice.

Pretty china cup ladled to the full mark with return visits welcomed. And maybe a railroad spike with a pink ribbon parked next to one of the family heirloom glass refreshment vessel. To hint hint, nudge nudge without a lot of publicity. Spell out between the lines without words. That this bowl contains high test. Easy does it.

Then back to the day to day without the average price of the wedding of $32,641 staring at you. Coming in to be paid the next 30 day cycle of the plastic card with the magnetic strip or chip.

west gouldsboro maine churches
Maine Small Town Churches For Weddings. Like This One In West Gouldsboro Maine.

Just got back from another wedding at Arcadia Michigan at the Watervale Inn.

Where an old logging settlement on the waterfront was re-purposed when the Chicago fire sparked the need for lumber to rebuild.

But when it  dried up the 500 acres of land, all these homes, casino, annex needed a new use. Weddings being one of the family gatherings in one drop dead gorgeous setting.

I thought East Grand, Sebago, Moosehead Lakes were big but not being parked next to Lake Michigan where we roosted.

Weddings in Maine, lots of options and they don’t have to cost an arm, leg, duplicate organ to pay for them. Going head over heels in debt is not the way to start a marriage of lots of promise but sad reality of overspending  of money you don’t have is a movie that does not end well. Or causes added hardship to weather and test the marriage knot tightness.

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