Maine Heating Costs, Wood Pellets Help Fray The Cost.
Heating A Maine House, Wood Pellets The Right Wind Direction To Turn For You?

Always go easy on the winter heating in Maine topics.

Because there is a mind set amidst a few in the audience that have never been to Vacationland in the winter. That maybe polar bears, igloos and dog sleds for daily transportation happens. Maine has no polar bears.

Winter in Maine is just more recreation. Change the four season backdrop canvas. Dressed a little differently when you are doing it in the Maine winter outdoors. But if you do retreat indoors, to warm your bones, heating efficiently just part of the way we roll. To be frugal, thrifty, have money left over from everyday spending to enjoy all those outdoor activities. And to pay for other luxuries like food, property taxes, vehicle, building maintenance, college educations, braces, sports camps, prom dresses, etc.

So how to best heat that Maine home? It all starts with having less house to have to warm up, to take away the chill.

And to make sure the Maine house is snug, insulated sufficiently to heat with less of whatever flavor BTU octane you select. The option for more than one heating fuel source means most Mainers play the trifecta in the house heating race. Hedge, play the odds on the all important warm, toasty cozy heating bet. I am lucky to be plugged into the Houlton Water Company grid. And electrical supplemental house heating is not a dirty, expensive word. Added to the mix of what to use to cruise to spring.

Over in that cellar corner is the oil hot air or hot water baseboard furnace. Like the funeral home’s expensive hearse, used for the last ride and fanfare of the final family and friends farewell. But pretty much garaged, waxed, in waiting. While a little David shuttle that is more efficient does the heavy lifting. A somber colored black or white mini van gets to see the most action. So it is with the pellet stove in the front room. Or in the cellar to heat the floors.

Sometimes taken to the next level. With a wood pellet stove traded in for a full fledged furnace. To connect to heating ducts or boiler pipes to whole house heat. Not have it like Africa, or being a tad too close to the sun in one room. But see your breath chilly. Getting toe frost bite in another house area if venturing across an open floor without the fluffy slippers wrapped around all the pigs.

Learn More About Maine Wood Pellets, Why They Are A Growing In Popularity Home Heating Option.

One ton of wood pellets equals 119 gallons of heating oil.

And as beginnings, the ends of the days get a little nippier, around Maine in the coffee shops, diners, on street corners and over neighborhood fences, the buzz about wood pellet heating increases. More chatter about what is the best stove. Where to get the best wood pellets the cheapest. And like sports teams, this or that type of pellet exalted as the best of the bunch. Cream of the crop, pick of the pack. Get them while they are hot talk bandied about. The percentage of hard and soft wood mix in the pellets for the perfect BTU blend.

And as you travel around Maine you see a pallet of shrink wrapped pellets to protect them from moisture invasion spray painted with “$199”.

Used as a temporary billboard in a state that outlaws them along the highways.

So the quandry of how to heat a Maine house best escalates as the price of crude heads skyward. Gas log or wood pellet stove fireplace inserts being priced. Shopped pretty hard. Discussed from all angles with those in the know. Holding a styrofoam cup of their favorite mix of Joe as this and that model of wood pellet stove is fully discussed.

The wood pellet heating topic fully exhausted in the aisles of a Maine supermarket “foodliner”, small corner Mom and Pop grocery store.

Before church services as you turn to hear what is being shared to the side, behind you about the all mighty subject of the day. Wood pellets, which are the best, where do you buy them the cheapest. And how many tons of them do I need, should I bulk up on with the forty pound bags that stack, rack, pack so neatly? In your cellar, a corner of the garage, out in the shed. Like buying, trading stocks, here and there happens through out the year with wood pellet purchases.

Maine, the place not nearly so much fun, enjoyable when you are missing. Not here full time.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker