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Get Seconds, Third Helpings Of Pure Natural Outdoors In Maine. Improve Your Attitude.

Your surroundings set the stage for whatever comes next.

Oh sure, snarky folks, negativity drama centers happen depending on the people you hang with but plenty of space, beau coup natural beauty is the conveyor belt to ride. To hop on for a deep rich life. Loaded with extra helpings of clarity and awareness. To keep it coming. Understand how it works, shake and bakes.

My mom called for moderation with her tribe of four boys and my Dad as co partner. But also to avoid stinking thinking. Your surroundings if the population is not sardine tightly packed, strait jacket squeezed. If the four seasons roll with outdoor recreation and unspoiled natural settings all help what comes out the end of your day to day.

Taking ownership of it is your choice to be happy or not is easier if you like where you are on the third rock from the Sun, planet Earth.

Free to be me, safe. You can work on the personal areas you have the combination to unlock, improve. Let out into the bright sunshine of daylight. And to let go, roll with what those around you do in words, actions, attitude and in the events unfolding that you can not, should not pick the lock.

Despite the good, bad, ugly playing on your life power point slide show, you can still end up on your feet. Smiling, thinking you and I are pretty darn lucky overall. Gladness, gratitude, happy happy happy. Filled with that Eagle’s condition called a peaceful, easy feeling. Without having to sleep in the desert tonight. Or catch a ride in a flatbed Ford coming out of Winslow Arizona. Heading to the Hotel California, passing Cadillacs with Dead Head, rows of colorful dancing bear stickers plastered on the bumper. After the thrill is gone.

Right Action, Franz Ferdinand Music Video.

Why not plan, set a place at the table for rock free, smooth fertile soil bed happiness? To plant the seeds of less stress? Cultivate, weed and feed for better bigger bounty harvest results?

By adopting an approach of positive thinking to get more out of life. That angle becomes second nature, a habit like air, water, love, family. An inside job, the activity radiating from within oozing out. Not able to be contained. Rather than sought from without, far reaching around yourself yourself. Soliciting others who don’t want to be written into the script. Are in there own productions.

The mental attitude to see the bright side of things is the deep well of pure joy. The kind that no matter how sideways or upside down life becomes, hang on loosely, let go of the past and live in the moment. Enjoy the season and calm seas that precede, follow any storm or correction in life. Glean, seek, harvest the take away. That opens you up, makes you less narrow and uptight. From lack of control which means others can not be free to be themselves.

A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health, and favorable results. Maine, the place with all this space. Unplug, recharge, enjoy the lack of spin, insincerity and embrace our simple living approach to life. The way it should be, used to be everywhere but not so common anymore if eight out of ten people live in cities, urban area.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

If you adopt this mental attitude, you teach your mind to expect success, growth and favorable outcomes.