There Is Only One Maine. Lucky Us, Shucks For You.
There Is Only One Maine. Lucky Us, Shucks For You.

Maine, you forget how less cluttered the environment is without billboards and thanks to returnable bottles that are bought with a deposit to take care of what happens to them when empty.

And as for motorcycle helmets, if you are over 18 years of age, you decide if you want to take a chance and ride without a helmet for the sensation, open air, bugs in your teeth.

Took a quick trip to Washington DC over the weekend to pick up the oldest son Alex who has one more semester of school to go at George Washington University.

On the road trip always forget but get a semester reminder each trek down and back to the nation’s capitol that Maine is lucky to be free of billboards.

Fortunate to have a ME returnable bottle bill in effect since 1978. And leave it up to you whether you want to wear head protection, a helmet while you scoot around highways in Maine.

Are you from a state that has similiar legislation in force? Maine, come see for yourself all the other differences the state offers. Especially the recreational options with crystal clean water, bluer than blue clear skies, friendlier but way way fewer people.
I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers