Maine's Easport Maine Fisherman
Fresher Fish In Maine Only Found Still Swimming In The Sea.

This weekend is the eight annual Eastport Maine Pirate Festival and if you have nothing scribbled in on the personal calendar of events consider a trip to the coast of Vacationland.

You don’t need a wooden leg, lots of facial scars, an eye patch and an ugly hook to play the part of a Maine pirate either. Here’s the blurb on the Me In Maine channel from a few years back pirate invasion.

Learn more about the 8th annual Eastport Maine Pirate festival. Last weekend was the invasion of neighboring to the south Lubec Maine and turn about is fair play. Lubec Maine invades with a colorful lot of rag tag, motely crue of pirates to do the same in the streets, shops, restaurants and tavern night spots in the town of Eastport, population 1545.

Eastport Maine is the eastern most city in the USA.

And while parked on the open deck of say The Chowder House or The Happy Crab dining, you can look out over the harbor. See the revolving Canadian side lighthouse marking the way of the channel to follow into Eastport Harbor.

Like the rest of Maine’s almost 230 miles of rugged, rock bound sea coast, lobsters, clams and other denizen of the deep are popular. Maine’s famous lobster haul in 2010 was over 93 million pounds. Plan to visit Eastport, dress the part of the pirate in all of us and ARRrrrgh… Avast ye matey.

Come ashore and be a land lubber. Tie on a bib. And it’s okay to eat Maine seafood with your elbows on the table.

To get loud, have fun. Let your hair down. Laugh deep from the belly. Finish it all off, the Maine seafood feast with the wet your whistle refreshments. To wash it all down. By having, demanding the local eatery servers slide a big, generous slab of warmed, fresh locally raked Maine blueberry pie. Steaming, hot out of the oven baked with pride, love. Topped with two huge scoops of drizzling ice cold home made vanilla or whatever flavor ice cream makes your mouth water.

While in Eastport, Lubec Maine start your lighthouse collection too. West Quoddy in Lubec Maine is one of the most sharply dressed lighthouses in the Pine Tree State for sure.

Maine, come for a day. End up staying a life time. She tugs at your heart, goes deep into your system. And you give up trying to shake the feeling Maine causes inside and out. There is a reason the reminder is spelled out clearly on the bottom of every Maine license plate… the word for the day is Vacationland.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker