Maine Sunsets, Collect More Than One Weeks Worth.
Maine Sunsets, Collect More Than One Weeks Vacation's Worth.

Watch, listen, read the national news and more often than not, summing up an issue, story with one size fits all application happens a lot.

But due to the sheer size of our country, broad brush generalizations miss the unique personalities, backgrounds of everyone that is one of a kind unique, special. Each and every Mainer especially.

Everything used to be local when small vibrant towns were the norm. And community spirit, trade done with your neighbors was the rule. But interstates, shopping malls, television and folks leaving the farm happened. Now eight out of ten people live in urban, city areas. So the bulk of our news is tailored, geared with a city slant mentality approach to stories. That approach does not make the news go down easy when you live in Maine. And it’s not like that here in so many ways.

One size does not fit all.

As absurd as expecting one national weather forecast to apply coast to coast, top to bottom. Unless the forecast is pretty bland, watered down weak and lame. Like “Today’s weather, expect periods of light with gradual darkness toward night fall. Temperatures will be what they are in your area and prepare accordingly”. That was helpful.

Tallking Head’s lead singer David Byrne reminds “You’re talking a lot, but you’re not sayin’ anything. When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed. Say something once, why say it again?”

Which because it is Sunday the blog post comes around to the right way to worship.

Wait! This just in. There is not just one right way. And like praying, mourning, dancing, singing, kissing, cooking, painting a picture, everything reflects our unique personalities, characters. And the way we get “fed” with the holy spirit and strive to improve, tend our personal gardens and learn to surrender to self. Love, relationships are what matter most in life and busyness, pride are just two obstacles interferring with our intent focus needed to improve, enjoy them more.

Mainers are naturalists that are inspired to feel closer to God in our unspoiled natural four season surroundings.

On a mountain top you work hard to climb, or peering in a detached way out over all the waterbodies Maine is famous for, you can not help but feel closer to our creator. No words need to be spoke, you get hit with one awesome wash of powerful understanding just how beautiful life is. And how short at the same time in a humbling, not about you or me alone sort of way. Get on, stay on your knees in prayer, without ceasing.

Gary Thomas in his book Sacred Pathways identifies nine ways to worship and being a naturalist to draw closer to your daily time sharing with God is just one. But there is not only one way to worship. Toggle his Gary Thomas video about different ways to worship because no two of us is the same.

Discover your unique pathway no matter if you are a Naturalist, Traditionalist, Sensate, Care Giver, Activist, Contemplative, or a variation on all nine. Or more you add to the mix. The freedom to worship with discipline, but desire, passion means devotional time is enjoyable, a vital part of our every day. You and I do more of what we enjoy and finding, adjusting for the right fit means more than once a week for an hour worship has to happen. Make it part of your every day for life.

Any way you slice and dice it, one size does not fit all.

And just one hour per week can do very little to meet most people’s spiritual needs. I live in Maine so get to tap in to all the wonderful outdoor recreational options she affords me. But I am fully aware that most people have to look forward to just one teenie tiny week. To save up, savor, then go home and look back foundly at that seven days or long weekend a year in Vacationland.

For me, one or two weeks in Maine would never cut it, not be nearly enough.

Starving, thirsting for more Maine would happen not living here. And I need a steady IV drip round the clock of Maine. Infused with a never ending bag of multi colors hooked, swinging on a flexible pole with all terrain knobby wheels. To be able to explore her nooks and crannies all of my life here on Earth. As long as I can draw a breath, have enough marbles rolling around between my ears, behind my eyes to experience her one more time.

Maine, if you’ve been here you clearly understand what all the hub bub, hoopla excitement is all about. If you have not yet, what are you waiting for? Maine, the way life should be. Used to be other places until all those people showed up to crowd out the small town, down home friendly experience of daily living. Be yourself, find yourself in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker