Figuring Out Life, Removing The Need To Compete And Surrendering
Maine, Easy State To Surrender, Let Go, Get Peaceful.

When you are surrounded in Maine beauty, natural four season unspoiled scenery, it is easier to get in touch with your inner thoughts.

To sort, figure things out without the hustle bustle of busier, chaotic areas that are noisy, pushy, not peaceful.

Surrender is a word not too popular in this society.

It often is thought of negatively like someone is the loser, lost the race, did not get the trophy or prize. Weakness is associated with surrender. But without surrender to yourself that can be your biggest obstacle in learning, growing, moving on. You can stay chasing your tail. Spinning your wheels. Going in circles.

Surrender is the heart of worshiping God.

One step before peace which leads to other joys, contentment, richer simple living. Surrender is needed because you die to self. You replace what you want with what he expects. In marriages surrender means you stopping worrying about being happy and focus on the steps needed daily to be holy. You rely on God to work things out. You let go and let God do his perfect work. You work on changing you not your partner. And they do likewise.

Instead of trying harder, when you surrender, back off and let go, you trust more. When you surrender you don’t react to criticism and have to defend yourself, your ego, you core values. Surrendering your heart in a relationship removes the confusion, frustration, keeps anger from building up. Because it is not about you but God, the other person. You can pull back and see the relationship, the building blocks of what God whats. Not what you think you need.

Surrender also means when you may want a relationship to grow, deepen, not end but that God may has different designs.

When you let go of someone that may never come back in a relationship that you are willing to work hard to show through and through you love them, a light bulb comes on. You realize surrender is the only option.

The worry, doubt stops and you can start living. Because you are grateful for all God has done up to this point in your life. The focus becomes adjustment, lots of changes in your lifestyle, in your thoughts about relationships. The goal to make you healthy, peaceful, full of joy. You can relax because it is not about the other person telling you what you need to do. God is in charge now.

To feel peace and trust in something besides yourself. Much bigger than you. There is no way you can grow hanging on to something that is not available today. Or may never be. I am learning about letting go, surrendering. have to, want to, need to for the only healthy approach to living, loving. Trust that the Lord is leading that area, every aspect of your life.

Trust and obey, surrender and letting go is peace, happiness. Because the worries are gone, the wondering, anxious feeling of what will unfold is not end of the world all important. You live in today and hope, dream for good things that God has always provided. If you work daily to get your heart, your thoughts around what God expects of us, inner peace is maintained. You and I are a lot more fun to be around too adopting that kind of approach to life, day to day living.

Maine is a state where you don’t have to wonder if there is a God.

Because it is obvious with the surrounding beauty that makes it easy to accept. Man could not have created a state like Maine and the original natural purity remains because we are off the beaten path. When you are camped on a lake, working on a farm, climbing a tall hill or mountain. And watching the season’s change, the day’s sunrise and sunsets, storms unfold, you know not to get bogged down in first world problems.

Get to Maine, start your surrender. Start living a full, rich, happier, healthier life.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker