Maine Soap Box Derby Families Race Cars In Friendly Spirited Competition.
ME Soap Box Derby Tech Day This Past Weekend, Big State Race June 23rd In Houlton ME

Saturday’s Maine Soap Box Derby Tech Day was picture perfect weather wise with blue skies, sunshine, a slight breeze.

The sixteen annual tech day for the Maine Soap Box Derby went smoothly and a big group of second grade, eight year olds made the event extra special.

I am so lucky to have the privledge to help brand new racers. The ones with butterflies, nervousness because of the sheer size of Derby Hill, an engineer race track. But with walking them down the hill, patience, after the first run, that never raced, not so sure driver is a whole new cat. And from there on out, it’s the parents that are nervous, the kids that become some kind of excited.

Three of six race cars I am lucky to be sheperding this year for derby racers are new racers with no experience.

But those are the most fun to work with. One, Anna Hogan, top left in image is cute as a button. And her older sister Lauren was a great little racer that grew up through the ranks. Improving year after year. Making the trophy round and sticking with the challenge, learning curve.

Watch A Maine Soap Box Derby Race Video.

The 16th annual Maine Soap Box Derby State Race Is June 23rd in Houlton Maine.

If you have nothing penciled in on the date, love the excitement of youth spirited racing, plan to take in the Maine Soap Box Derby. For a memorable event, bring your cameras, lawn chair, and enjoy the day outside.

Listening, watching and enjoying friendly competitive down hill gravity kit car racing. Stock, superstock, master cars are divisions for different ages in the 8 – 17 year brackets. For five years in a row, the Houlton Maine soap box derby race was the largest in the nation.

The sixty six volunteer Maine Soap Box Derby adult workers that show up, put on, work the race rain or shine each year are the spark. And the look on new and veteran racer’s faces as they come down the derby hill makes it all so worthwhile to stay involved in the program. Maine, the entire villiage raises your kids.

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