Is moving to Maine a good idea?

Besides being the 4th lowest crime state and cheapest for car insurance premiums, Maine offers more than just cost savings. Affordable housing, unspoiled outdoor recreation and the small-town friendly vibe is a big draw trifecta.

foo foo coffees in maine
Taking A Break In Maine On The Trail. No Foo Foo Coffees.

Maine is an ideal location if you are after a safe place to raise your family.

To start a business, the overhead is lower in a small town in Maine. Mom and Pop small business owner operators can operate cheaply and efficiently in a small Maine town setting.

The satisfaction serving your Maine small town population is a big reward and you fill an important role in the community.

You are needed in a small Maine town. Volunteering is huge to make the small community a better place to live. We make our own fun and much of the enjoyment is just the space, peace and quiet of the surrounding natural unspoiled setting.

Maine people are not in your face or pushy. You can get away from people living in a small town rural Maine setting.

Maybe you are looking for a waterfront property to use for vacations until you retire.

Here’s a log home on a Maine lake video to watch to see, hear what owning waterfront property would be like.

Maybe a farm property in Maine to horse around is the goal in your search for real estate.

Another video of a Maine home with land and major view to try on and test drive.

Planning to retire in a lower cost of living location and thought Maine is pretty unspoiled and low cost? Had a good experience on  past vacations in Maine? That’s usually how it starts. A three day, week long Maine vacation and then whoa. Need more, can’t get enough happens. Maine is a healthy addiction and such a contrast to what a crowded, not so friendly urban setting provides.

Many times the move to Maine is because where you lived before used to be a lot like the small town community under the microscope for consideration.

Maine is a good idea for many people who want to spend time outdoors all year long.

Where you should live or relocate to all revolves around your lifestyle and expectations. There is no perfect location and always give and take concessions when sizing up where you should live at whatever stage of your life right?

childrens theatre takes volunteers
Putting On Local Productions Like Children’s Theatre Is One Huge Volunteering Event In Maine.

Today, there are strong opinions on what you should do with everything aspect in your life. We are all surrounded by marketing with an agenda. And it seems also a shrinking tolerance for different viewpoints.

Maine is an open-minded state and big enough so you can protect your privacy and living space.

More wildlife than people and spread out acreage has its advantages.

Common sense found in large supply in small Maine communities.

It still works here. Lots of sage advice and tried/tested options for best life practices are discussed daily down at the local diner or corner Maine convenience store or gas station.

kids earn spending money in maine
Money From Working For Area Farmers. How To Make Your Own Money, Not Spend Mom And Dad’s Important Skill.

All I know is I like no traffic, lower cost of living, more of a connection with my friends, family and neighbors. I like pitching in and volunteering in my small Maine town. Finding the positive strengths and grateful. Not slamming where I live with what I don’t like about rural small town Maine is my attitude.

So is moving to Maine a good idea?

This blog outlines what the locals do for fun. The outdoor unspoiled natural beauty is hard to beat. There is a long list of reasons why people move to Maine and how to prepare for the relocation best.

How we approach living in a small Maine town is kept simple in Maine.

Help others living here. Be kind. Protect the environment. Work hard to make a difference. Family first.

Continue traditions and respect nature, your neighbor and family values. Learn all your can and find ways to give back. The folks that live in a small town are the community. Always looking for ways to improve and sustain the small Maine town simple living way of life.

It’s spring in Maine as I hunt and peck this blog post made of re-cycled electrons.

Just had a neat total solar eclipse in Houlton Maine andhere’s the video below to watch for a taste of what it was like.

So hosing off the Maine house and other buildings from winter dust, road salt and grime. Opening up Maine woods and lake camps. Ordering seeds for the backyard vegetable garden. Fiddle heading and smelting and yard work. Not necessarily in that order.

Changing up the trail toys. Removing the house banking. Thinking about the year after next’s firewood to be boy scout prepared and make sure it is well seasoned and safe to burn.

Digging out the canoe or kayak for a Maine river race.

Planning hiking trail adventures. When you live in Maine, all the four season outdoors recreation surrounds you. The fun is low or no cost and picnicking is a big deal.

houlton maine aroostook county shiretown
Attractive, Preserved Victorian Style Brick Buildings In Market Square, Houlton Maine. Small Town Maine Living. Very Attractive To Many Moving To Vacationland!

Is the pack carefully and travel light move, relocation to Maine a good idea?

Sure do think so and glad this is where I call home in rural small town Maine. Here to help share the reasons I live in Maine and all the positives. What are your expectations moving to Maine? Where do you live now? Maine is seeing a lot of city dwellers making the transition to rural small town country living.

hitting rec trails in maine
Small Town Living In Maine. Means Trail Rides With Your Family And Friends. Maine Is Outdoor Recreation, Hitting And Exploring The Woods Trails.

So is moving to Maine a wise decision for you?

Here to answer questions from a local insider native of Maine with lots of experience that wants to help.

So much of the move to Maine relocate or not depends on the timing in decision making. But just as important what are your expectations in Maine combined with the exit interview on where live now or in the past before packing up for the move to Vacationland.

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