Maine Soap Box Derby Is June 22nd this year.

Have a ride, signed up to race down Derby Hill in Houlton Maine?

The “Thrill of the Hill” happens again June 22nd, 2024 on Derby Hill in Community Park in Houlton Maine.

It’s year number 29 for the Northern Maine Soap Box Derby. Tech Day for new parents and drivers is May 18th at Derby Hill. Derby tech day helps teach car drivers and their support team about safety procedures. And an opportunity to order parts and for new races to test drive Derby Hill. Here’s the race course for down hill derby local and rally races.

soap box derby hill
Houlton Maine Soap Box Derby Hill Sketch When “Selling” A Piece To Local Volunteers, Contributors.

Houlton Maine’s local race on Derby Hill is the only venue if a boy or girl age 8 to 18 wants to compete in all of “Vacationland”.

Back in the 1990’s, there were five local race locations in Maine.

One of the big reasons  the Houlton Maine derby committee continues the racing tradition is a specially engineered hill.

Derby Hill is fast, long and two lanes. Derby Hill has a run off area, a car return lane and a launch / storage garage at the top.

safety cones derby hill
Safety Cones On Run Off Area Of Derby Hill. Houlton ME Race Largest In USA 5 Years Running.

Ease of setting up a safe course for the local annual race and for spring/fall rallies. Derby Hill is one sweet set up and kids love to race down it. Lights for night racing, guard rails in place, easy car return lane.

To keep a soap box derby program vibrant and year after year up and running means build a hill.

Taking over a street logistics and set up, tear down are too labor intensive. And none of us derby diehard volunteers are getting any younger

Check them out.

Have you watched a few Northern Maine Soap Box Derby race videos?

Reach out with questions, let’s get your young derby drivers signed up to compete in the state of Maine race June 22nd, 2024.

There are existing cars to slide behind the wheel or consider buying a new stock, super stock or master kit.

Here’s the address to order parts, a car, anything soap box derby related.

northern maine soap box derby race
Northern Maine Soap Box Derby Race Houlton Maine

The soap box derby program in Maine teaches kids a lot.

How to assemble a car from scratch following instructions . The fun of derby program and good sportsmanship along with the science and engineering that goes into gravity downhill car racing. It sure beats sitting on a couch, inside on their device.

Anywhere in Maine, the state race in Houlton is part of soap box derby district ten.

Had two children win the local and go on to race in Akron Ohio which is an experience they will never forget. Have stayed active in the Maine soap box derby racing program since 1995 and enjoy it immensely.

super stock derby car
Heavy Boys? Super Stock Derby Cars Can Be A Tad Heavy To Lift Up, Set Down.

Please reach out and would love to help you get started in soap box derby racing. It’s exciting car racing and gravity is your motor. It’s all downhill from here.

derby race in houlton maine
Anxious, Nervous, Excited All Mixed In With The Stomach Butterflies.

Tips to get your local race off the ground and how to compete with simple hacks all part of the discussion once you get “derbymania”.

Here is the All American Soap Box Derby rules to scan and consider. Maine had 5 local race sites around the state. Now the big state of Maine race is on Derby Hill, Houlton Maine. Only race course in state if the one in Aroostook County, Derby Hill. Like to learn more about the Houlton Maine soap box derby racing program or to set up your own?

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