Maine, why relocate, move to Maine?

The state of Maine is cited in lots of surveys as the top place to consider in relocation, to make the move to Maine.

This blog post outlines the reasons that motivate folks to make the move to the great state of Maine.

The urge fueled by many factors. Space is one of the biggest ones. To own and enjoy acreage, lots of Maine land is a major part of the dream. Life not lived shoulder to shoulder and where you actually have a back yard. Clean water, clear blue skies, look at all those stars because no pollution from factory smoke stacks.

Welcome to Maine.

The best kept secret are the rural areas deeper up into Maine.

moving to maine
The Moving To Maine Relocation. Often Starts With Renting A Maine Waterfront Property.

Space is freedom, elbow room is plentiful in Maine.

Maine is a sparsely populated state with 450 small towns and villages but only a handful of cities. 91 percent of Maine is wooded, miles and miles of trees and trails to explore. Maine is not just more roomy, less people but there is good stewardship practiced in small Maine towns. Maine is 450 small communities, only a handful of cities.

Your elders teach you how to respect the natural setting around and to never ever take it for granted. Don’t mess it up for the next generation and tread lightly is the ingrained approach to living in Maine. That’s just how we roll and it is way easier when over commercialization or sprawl population pressure is none existent!

maine lighthouses
Collect Maine Lighthouse Experiences. Visit, Re-Visit. One Fun Thing To Do In Maine. Lighthouses, Coastal Settings Help Folks Think About Moving To Maine Or Investing Here!

So Maine space is abundant, a given and not an expensive luxury like many areas around the country.

What happens to people used to being penned in and caged, herded? When they cross the big green bridge on Maine’s southern tip, the traffic thins. They begin to loosen up and it’s easier to relax.

What else happens when you relocate, move to Maine?

A more relaxed version of you develops. The Maine added space, reduced traffic, lower crime combination works its magic. Suddenly you are freed up to fill your life with more of what matters. Four season outdoor recreation is one of the major reasons to relocate, move to Maine.

For many, it starts as a simple vacation and like any addiction, grows from there. Before you know it, the yearly trek to Maine turns into more trips back and forth across that big Green Bridge. And instead of spending the long dollar staying at a motel, lodge or cabin, it’s time to buy your own piece of ME.

snowmobile trails in maine
Hitting The Rec Trails In Maine All Four Seasons. That Is What It Is Like In Maine. Vacations In Maine Lead To More.

The transition from where you lived before to Maine can be bittersweet.

There are trade offs and mostly involving further away from family members left behind. But often, friends and family learn from your move to Maine. Their visits to see you can cause relocation for them too.

The fun in Maine is low or no cost.

We have so many opportunities to pitch in and get involved in community events. You don’t need lots of money to enjoy Maine the further you go to get away from the coastal tourist traps. Those areas near the shopping outlets are not rural Maine at its finest.

The friendly, down to Earth helpful people who live in small towns are the best. Hardworking, family oriented, ready to help you out when you need it the most.

maine lake vacation
Vacations In Maine Lead To More. The Relocation, Move To Maine Start Because Of Great ME Vacations! Clean Water, Fresh Air, Less People, No Traffic.

You have to have less people around you to get more from your Maine location. Go further north, east and west up into Maine to see what I mean. Small towns are like big families. Lower population areas of Maine show less wear and tear. Way way less commercial development and regulations.

Real estate listings for sale in Maine wearing smaller property price tags.

That’s another carrot dangled to attract property owners to sell high and buy low. Cashing in the value of their higher priced property and taking the chips. Investing them with money left over purchasing something in Maine. For many, no mortgage is needed to buy the Maine property.

A family starting out looking for wholesome small Maine town values weighs the pros and cons.

Moving to Maine for less expensive everything.

A simpler life style that is healthier for their kids.

Follow The Trail Markers, Stay Sharp Following Signs
Your Signs, The Hiking Trail Blue Dash Marking. You Are On A Baxter State Park, Mt Katahdin Trail!

And with high speed internet, their old job becomes their new one. Packed along with their personal belongings for the new life in Maine. Telecommuting, working remotely is easy when a small Maine town or region has beefed up a strong IT infrastructure in place.

In small Maine towns, you don’t just buy a ticket and attend an event. You are somehow connected to the folks putting on the event year after year. Working behind the scenes, sponsoring some part of it. Home grown and the grass roots approach to building a Maine community is deeply satisfying.

The wildlife, the waterfront, the woods trails and farm fields in the great state of Maine.

Maine is lots of things that are all natural. Have you been to Maine and where? How was your experience? Visit Maine and see for yourself. Meet the friendly, neighborly, truly helpful people who call Maine their home. Thinking of Maine? Why relocate, move to Maine? Lots of reasons and most of them are found outdoors all four seasons in Maine.

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