10 best Maine towns to visit, it’s not what you think.

Maine is loaded with small towns. All unique and special but not all get the press and attention that a small handful do.

maine lake loon
You Hear Them, Admire Them And Shoreland Zoning In Maine Protects Them. Maine Lake Loons, Other Wildlife, Fish!

So when you see the headline 10 best Maine towns to visit highlighted in a blog post or splashed across a magazine cover in a grocery check out line, it happens.

You and I are looking for shortcuts, suggestions to save time. Some free or paid advice. Maybe it’s a little bit of FOMO, fear of missing out mixed into the decision making. Watch out for the here it comes, the spin. Or it’s more simple than that. You just have only a short amount of time and traveling to Maine from many hours away to pack it all in. That’s a major component creating all the added vacation planning pressure.

mt Katahdin hiking trails
No People, No Man Made Structure Or Noises. Welcome To Baxter State Park’s Mt Katahdin.

Like going to the Moon, you just get there and well, better thing about packing up and returning to far away planet Earth.

Maine is like that to many. Like planning a trip to the moon or a far away galaxy. That little extra drive or flying time away from the hustle bustle is what insulates, not isolates us. So back to the 10 best Maine towns to visit.  It’s a list you chisel out for yourself because of personal preferences through life in Vacationland.

Small town charm, Maine has nearly 500 communities that are all top ten, worthwhile to visit in that department.

Technically, you count up 721 cities, towns around the state of Maine. So many are unorganized territories served up in six by six mile squares of woodland. Maine is 91% wooded remember? Some want to homesteading in Maine.

maine is farms, woodlots homesteads
Wide Open Space. More Farms, Wooded Land And Fewer People. That Is What It Is Like In Maine.

So who decides which are the best towns in Maine to visit?

Advertisers do. The publications generating the press about Maine get paid for what and where in Maine gets promoted. You want coverage, you need advertisers to pay for the ads wedged in between the tourist information.

The Maine information promotion rides on a business chassis fueled by advertising.

The thickness of your newsprint edition or four color glossy magazine publication all revolves around advertising. Underwriting, subscriptions, donations, advertising dollars to carry the overhead expenses.

Maine Coastal Lobster Boats Downeast ME
Downeast Coastal Lobster Boats In Maine.


But why wouldn’t a great community or any area of Maine be kept such a secret?

It isn’t now that everyone is a cub reporter that can share experiences around social media platforms.

The blog post image from Gulf Hagas, long form video from the dog sled races below or  Maine soap box derby race, short video or reel on a small town dance recital.

Which small Maine towns make the list as the best of the bunch?

Besides advertisers who have enterprises in the top 10 Maine towns panned by the hot bright promotion spotlight, location comes into play. The southernmost coastal towns in Maine get the visits.

You can sample Maine easily with the up and back across the big green bridge in a small manageable amount of time. But the “what’s on the menu” for best Maine towns to visit expands greatly.

Budget a little more time to arrive at and enjoy a new list of top ten Maine towns to experience. The southern most towns and cities in Maine are the low hanging expensive tourism locations close to population center.

I’m happy for the handful of Maine coastal towns that attract tourists to visit and spend money in the state.

Because each new dollar turns over six to seven times to feed the local economy.

But I suggest to you, budget a little more time, venture deeper up into Maine.

See small Maine towns that host spring kayak canoe races.

kayak maine canoe races
Grab A Paddle, Load Up The Canoe, Launch The Kayak! Spring High Water Time Is Here!

Take in an event seen by 55 million people from around the globe, a World cup biathlon.

Sample a friendly, small Maine ski area mountain.

Try out a bigger Maine ski area mountain.

Watch a farmers market video and meet the friendly people, your local farmer.

Climb in a boat. Take a spin, fish, enjoy a Maine lake.

Learn about cross country skiing in Maine.

Take a bog walk in Orono Penobscot County Maine.

Sample a lighthouse in Maine.

maine lighthouse
Maine Lighthouses, Collect Your Favorite! Revisit Every Season!


waterfront canoe river paddling
Float Your Boat, Lots Of Places To Do That In Maine, “Vacationland”. Somehow Water Is Involved In So Much Of Our 4 Season Recreation!

Maine has lots of top 10 experiences, towns to visit.

There are a handful of cities in Maine to enjoy. But small town, quaint and friendly Maine communities. You and I decide what the 10 best Maine towns are and for a slew of reasons.

I service daily a certain set of Maine communities. But there are so many to explore and expose which is what this Maine blog post platform strives to do.

Maine has what you need.

Vacationland is the way life should be but travel up into Maine. Budget some extra time. To experience what is most personal and private and to areas of Maine that don’t make the default list as most worthwhile to visit.

amish farm homesteaders
Growing Without Sprays, Chemicals. Organic Maine Homesteading Happens Around Maine!

10 best towns to visit in Maine.

Don’t stop at ten. More than you can count using both hands. Create your own list and never think it’s only 10 or 5 or 3 as the absolute list. We all gravitate to a different list of what we enjoy in Maine. And depending on which of the four seasons the calendar hanging on the kitchen wall reveals, the what to do for fun changes.

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