Canoe river races in Maine.

It’s spring, the Maine rivers are swollen, bloated with fast moving water caused by melting winter snow. Might as well dig out the blue, green, natural wood look canoe or whatever color water ride. Time in Maine to head to the nearest canoe and kayak river race on the circuit. Looking for canoe river races in Maine schedule?

Here’s the list of Maine canoe kayak river races.

Just snapped some images of the Meduxnkeag River river race in Houlton Maine.

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Grab A Partner To Canoe River Race In Maine. Kayaks, Paddle Boards Welcome Too!

You don’t have to be a black belt paddler to take part in canoe river races in Maine.

Saturday’s race in Aroostook County’s oldest town, Houlton ME had 97 participants, 52 boats.  Oh and two paddle boards.. see the tether hooking the board to the paddler so the two stay together in the ice cold fast moving Maine river water?

paddlers maine river race
Been On Your Feet All Day? Er I Mean Through Maine River Rapids, Twists And Turns? River Race Paddlers, 2 In The Meduxnekeag River Race.

The Meduxnkeag River Race In Houlton Maine is one of the earliest ones on the spring calendar.

Ricker College started the Meduxnekeag River Race. And eventually after the college closed, the Houlton Rotary Club took over the orchestration. Food booths at the end that was at the covered bridge on the Framingham Road in Littleton Maine.

There are ten spring whitewater river races in Maine.

The 2023 Meduxnekeag River Race took 26 people to hold down the registration, launch, timing, trophies, food concessions and safety.

Promoting the event to draw canoe river race participants is a year round endeavor.

The Kenduskeag river race in Maine is the next one on the calendar in the Bangor Maine area.

Higher faster water on a Maine river means faster times, maybe an canoe upset into the cold clear water. The mix of adrenaline fear and excitement make another river race under your belt a real natural high. Great exercise, everyone in the small Maine town or village gets out to take part. It’s spring, the rip off another month on the kitchen calendar. Ever paddled across a Maine lake or took the wild river Maine whitewater rafting?

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Hang On, Keep Paddling. Paddling Harder, Strong. Then HOLD! Hold On To The Short Rope. Put Your Paddles Straight Out!

Family river race canoes with 2two kids, four racers total in them.

family in maine river race canoe
Longer Canoes, Like River Race Minivans. You See All Types, Ages And Reasons To Hit The River Race In Maine Circuit.

Gramp is up front leading the river race canoe strokes.

Follow his lead kids. Dad did the same Maine river race circuit when he was a little shaver. Single canoes or kayakers paddling for all they are worth. Some river race entries are taking their time. Others are on a mission and trying to win the ribbon or trophy or wooden mini paddle.

It’s all good and lots of common reasons to hit the fast moving, higher level river water.

Water in Maine, the recreational kind comes in many forms. Tubing on a Maine lake behind a jet ski or motor boat. A pontoon boat, party barge slowly plying the Maine lake. A sailboat out in the Atlantic Ocean or tacking across a lake or pond.

There is something about looking at, being on or in the water in Maine.

Depending on the season, how you enjoy the Maine water best revolves around temperatures and layers of clothing needed. But year long, everyday living in Maine. We are outdoors getting some fresh air, moving around and enjoying the four seasons of outdoor Maine.

river races in maine
Looking For The Best Time Or Slow Down. Let The River Do The Driving Down The Maine River. No Reason To Kill Ourselves.

Things to do for fun in Maine.

Put down canoe river races in Maine as one more possible outdoor recreational option up here in the state bordering Canada on two three. Reach out and share your adventures on the Maine river and send along images or video links if you have them!

Maine river races, they are in full swing and why not try to paddle down a few Maine rivers and whether you make it a race or pleasure cruise, it’s something you will never regret.

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