Maine, what’s it like living in Maine?

The state up in the right hand corner of the country, Maine.

What to expect traveling to experience Maine up close and personal.

maine photos
Maine. Small Word, Big Place, Lots Of Unspoiled Space.

For starters, the further you head north, east and west to get up to Maine, the quieter it gets.

Man made noise gets replaced with song birds, a breeze in the rustling tree leaves. Waterfront settings and lapping waves, singing loons, where it just you.

Maine hiking trails where you can really hear yourself think and process life.

Spending time to unwind and get some exercise and perspective up in Maine. Space, time out. Not so hard in Maine with only 41 people per square mile in southern sections. Even less, just 11 folks per same 208’x208′ acre unit in the northern Maine region. Less distractions, sharper awareness happens when you remove the urban buzz and grind.

white tail deer in maine
Maine White Tail Deer. One Of The Wildlife Sights You’ll Meet On Your Trip To Maine.

Maybe it’s the fresh clean air alone. Not just the natural unspoiled space that is the cure. Maine has lots to offer and just as much to enjoy that is missing.

Traffic, crime, rude and impersonal. Those words don’t describe Maine. Not why you come for a day and end up staying a lifetime.

We all hunger to get beside or out on the waterfront in Maine.

maine mount katahdin photo
Maine’s Highest Mountain, MT Katahdin. Located In Forever Wild Baxter State Park.

Slowly you get away from less stress of crowds, traffic, the impatience and impersonal way of life surviving population centers.

In Maine, you see wildlife, watch out for it as you drive the scenic highways. You meet some of the nicest the down to Earth friendly hardworking people always willing to lend a hand.

Small towns in Maine are proud of their communities, their children and where they live all four seasons.

The deeper you push up into Maine, the more relaxed and personal the strong local connection grows. The space, all this unspoiled Maine land

and nature in your private backyard is never taken for granted by locals and returning vacationers to Maine.

Chances are if you love blueberries they came from Maine.

maine blueberries
Wild Blueberries From Maine. More Delicious, Healthier Than Bigger Ones Not From Raked From Maine.

Lobsters from the coastal waters of Maine are hands down the best too. Especially when enjoyed in a quaint Maine harbor town.

But the state of Maine, it’s way more than Aroostook County fertile farm fields growing potatoes or being

the dominate producers of the World’s tasty blueberries, lobsters and spuds.

There’s lots more to this great state of Maine than one, two, three pick ’em up and put them in the basket then barrel potatoes.

maine potato fields
Maine Farm Field Produce The Best Potato Varieties. Many White Blossoms, Some Purple Like Above Maine Potato Plant Field Photo Shows.

This blog post highlights the what’s it like living in Maine.

You can not rely on reports from online folks who have never been to Maine but have very loud and negative things to say about Vacationland. What are your expectations and everyone is not just like you and me is a good start before broadcasting the wrong idea about Maine.

Who would want to visit like 37 million folks do a year that vacation in Maine?

Those vacations and return visits are what lead to reasons to consider moving to Maine.

Often water has something to do with your picking Maine. Water is tied to your Maine vacation or relocation location selection. Nothing compares being parked on the ocean, lake, pond, river or stream in Maine. It is a spiritual experience if you are lucky enough to have the Maine waterfront for a property neighbor.

maine loons
Listening To Maine Loons. Seeing Them Paddling Your Kayak On A Maine Lake. Priceless.

Breathing in the salt air, touring the Maine coast on a guide boat ride hearing and seeing the local highlights. Each trip in or around Maine is an education. Maine, you can’t say you been to a Kittery ME shopping outlet and be dubbed an expert of “what’s it like living in Maine. You barely entered the very big state. Keep going and sampling after you cross the big green bridge entering Maine.

Ever been to Downeast Maine?

Can you get there from here? Sure can. What’s it like in this part of Maine? Not the same take away coastal experience in say Wells Beach area as in Eastport or Lubec Maine.

Downeast Maine. Eastport ME Harbor View.
Traveling Downeast Maine. Where Is It Exactly Along The Jagged Rocky Maine Coast?

Camping, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, boating in Maine.

What’s it like in Maine depends on what you like to do, which of the four seasons you visit. The close knit villages and small towns of Maine offer a unique quality of life. The work ethic

develops at an early age living in Maine. Growing up, everyone in the Maine family no matter how small has a job. Mainers are productive, producers and not just consumers. Mainers are not lazy. Don’t have so much time to whine and complain. What’s it like living in Maine?

The spirit of pitching in and volunteering in Maine communities is unstoppable.

childrens theatre takes volunteers
Putting On Local Live Productions Like Children’s Theatre Is One Huge Volunteering Event In Maine. Community Theatres, Bands Are Fun To Attend.

Maple syrup operations and sugar shack sap collection events in Maine.

Picking fiddlehead ferns in spring along river or stream banks. Witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat in Maine. Maine lupines and their vibrant colors. Shucking fresh farm corn. Diving into a pot of steamed clams or oysters, fresh fish right off the boat at the Maine harbor pier. Hoisting a sail on your own self propelled powered by wind boat. Lots of suggestions on the list of what it there to do in Maine. To answer the what’s it like living in Maine.

Reading a good book or better yet writing one for others to share.

Painting a Maine setting or trying to capture it from the best angle at the perfect sweet spot time of day for natural lighting. Maine is the playground to do all of this. Hobby farming and horsing  around or managing a Maine woodlot. Building a camp or cabin up in Maine. To live remotely to get below radar and live off grid. Heating with wood and nothing eaten that was not made from scratch. Farm to table all natural without sprays. You know your Maine farmer or have a hand in what you eat that was raised on your own patch of fertile Maine farm soil.

farms in maine photo
The Family Farm Owned And Enjoyed By Me In Maine Author Andrew Mooers.

Cutting and splitting next year’s firewood for the Maine home or camp stove prepared a season ahead.

Following orange bouncing balls around high school college circuits. Try to keep your eye on the round black circle at local high school and hockey level hockey games. There is lots to do and enjoy living in Maine. Youth sports is big and you know, maybe are related to the players. Possible coached a few in peewee rec leagues.

Lots of good valid answers to the question what’s it like living in Maine.

Old Port In Portland Maine
Walk The Old Port In Portland Maine. Cruise Ships Seen. Take A Ferry Ride To An Island Visit.

Apple picking, making the pies with all the Maine local fruits from raspberries, blueberries to mince meat and pumpkin flavors.

Churning your own home made ice cream. Looking and see lots of Maine moose, wearing flannel in the fall, LL Bean boats tramping the Maine woods. Attending Maine farmer and lumberman museum public suppers. Maine snowmobile sled club breakfasts cure hunger. Then helping twitch the trails that always needing repair. Or a bridge repair, new short cut trail created with many hands and a few chainsaws.

Leaf peaking the amazing Maine colors of fall around farm harvest time.

Things to do in Maine suggestions? Attend A Sea Dogs baseball game.

seadogs game portland me
Play Ball. See The Sea Dogs Play Excellent Baseball In Portland Maine.

Collecting Maine lighthouses.

portland me headlight
Many Get Snap Shot, But All Maine Lighthouses Are Unique And Beautiful.

Over 60 of those Maine lighthouses to find and return to many times while on Earth. I have collected 45 Maine lighthouses and counting. Do not forget your camera and make sure the battery is charged and ready.

Head to a Maine beach.

maine coast
Sandy, Sea, Salt Water Air, Swims,Walks And Talks. Maine Beaches Attract Like No Other Vacation Travel Visit Attraction Or For Life Long Locals Alike.

Check out local artists at local Maine craft shows. Maine quilts, 4H exhibits around the local Maine fair circuit. Antiquing, checking out farmers markets, take a balloon, train or motorcycle ride. Golf, fish, look up and see amazing night skies in Maine where there is no light pollution. Paddle the Allagash Wilderness Waterway and see the ghost trains.

Lots to do year round that attracts folks that come to know what’s it like living in Maine.

Downhill and cross country ski in Maine. Strap on a pair of snowshoes and easily go up and down rolling trails and fields blanketed with fresh pure white powdery snow.

Hang on and shoot a rapid in a rubber raft on a Maine river with other adventuresome sorts.

river rafting in maine
River Rafting In Maine. Hang On, Paddle Hard, Get Wet. Take Your ME Whitewater River Rafting Ride Down Penobscot, Kennebec, Dead Rivers.

What’s it like living in Maine?

Sample the state parks in Maine and start out with simple, low cost camping vacations. Picnic lunches and mini instate vacations in Maine are so common and

enjoyed by locals and new visitors alike.

Craft breweries, Moosehead Lake, Gulf Hagas, Maine’s Grand Canyon.

These are just a few examples of what’s it like living in Maine. Why we do it and what we enjoy about the state of Maine.

Biking Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor Maine. Or returning to see it in the winter walking the perimeter roads. Camping on Mt Katahdin in winter is unforgetable too.

Winter in Maine, just one of the seasons.

But remember, Mainers are outdoors everyday. Dressed a tad different but always happy, warm and filling our lungs with fresh Maine air.I love to downhill snow ski, to snowmobile on the well groomed and marked ITS trails.

More on Maine winter weather.

winter trails in maine
What you See On Maine Winter Recreation Trails. Wildlife, Scenery, A Bald Eagle, Moose.

To set you straight on lots of myths from folks repeating them who have never been to Maine, Vacationland. Folks come to Maine to stay that are wanting a better quality of life for their kids. To become involved and make a difference in their small Maine town location and community spirit of volunteerism. Retirement in Maine is an obvious choice for the Golden Years group of active seniors.

Some retirees, transplants are snow birds. Flitting back and forth twice a year to and from Maine waterfront camps and cottages to shared home locations where snow shovels are not used. Many retirees moving, relocating to Maine are from here. Natives who returned to Maine, knowing it is truly the way life should be.

farm cows in maine
MOO Yourself. Milek Cow Calves In Maine Farm Visit Say Hello.

Back to the land homesteaders and off grid living in Maine.

The living off the land in Maine is not a new movement. Some come to Maine colleges and Universities and end up staying in the town where they get their higher education. Don’t forget while vacationing or living in Maine, quick trips to Canada happen. Maine is borders by Quebec and New Brunswick Canada. The I-95 highways starts in Maine, ends up in Key West Florida and is your gateway to the Trans Canada Atlantic Maritime Provinces.

Being a Maine border town with Canada has so so many perks for both sides of the International boundary line.

Come to Maine and island hop using regular ferry boat service. Island life in Maine, books written on the topic and many movies.

Leaving you with a farmers market in Maine video.

Seeing, hearing, being taken by the hand and introduced to Maine by a local insider native is the best way to use your time in Vacationland.

Just ask, the folks are so willing to give advice and help out with suggestions. The locals in Maine love where they live, work and play.

Thank you for being a loyal reader of the Me In Maine blog.

And if this is your first blog post visit, thank you for sticking around to the end. Hope you return for more Maine blog posts on what’s it like living in Maine.

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