Maine is ninety one percent trees and that means lots of maple hardwood ridges. Sweet.

Growing up our Maine family tapped large maple trees along the long driveways leading into the farm house. Located west of Houlton Maine where I grew up with my three older brothers, parents.

A family eighty acres woodlot in Ludlow Maine exploded with lots of maple trees that Dad tapped for the spring sap.

Maine Sugarhouse Open House In March's 4th Sunday Of The Month.
Sunday Is March’s Maple Syrup Sugar Shack Open House Time.Hop Off The Couch.
To boil down the 40 to 1 ratio to get the clear as water sap to turn into the golden nectar that words don’t begin to describe.

Plans for an elaborate pipe collection network, a sap house, public suppers with pancakes swimming in the local tap boil down refinement.

Candy production. Open house tours. All dreams, something Dad envisioned but never got beyond the collect by bucket I helped him with in spring.

By hand, on the ground using the blue Sno Jet snow sled in places. Beating feet, trudging most other areas. In the woodlot sap collecting from the tap routine. Too many other irons in the fire like most lives.

Our Maine Governor LePage’s maple tree front lawn tapping in Augusta earlier this month spotlighted the importance of maple syrup production. And his desire to push for expansion in that under nourished area of Maine’s economy.

Maine Maple Sunday, the fourth Sunday in March is an opportunity for the public to see clear as water sap become the tasty golden, amber sap operations up close and personal.

Real world, professional applications in the Maine maple syrup industry. Check out the map in the link for Maine Maple Sunday website. For the closest operation near you to share with the kids, to sample the wares. Nedarly 100 Maine maple syrup operations to see first hand in Vacationland. This is the 31st annual Maine Maple Sunday.

It is not just Vermont Log Cabin, Aunt Jemima maple syrup you can drizzle, enjoy drowning, soaking into your Maine blueberry pancakes.

The secret is out about Maine maple syrup. And there are Maine maple syrup recipes for more than soaking it up. Chasing just sliced up, steaming hot pancakes, home made waffles pieces around your breakfast plate with the end of your fork. And asking for more please.

Spring Break Maine Maple Syrup Sap Operations.
Sugar Shacks, The Open House In Smyrna Maine.

Calendar of events, on and around Maine Maple Sunday

From 10-3PM March 23rd, Spring Break has a public sugarhouse open house in Smyrna Maine.

Tour the facility on the north side of US Rt 2 just east of the village of Smyrna Maine in Aroostook County. Try samples, see how the sap is collected, processed, marketed.

Ask questions. Learn about the history of collecting Maine maple syrup from the Brannen’s, your very gracious hosts. All the equipment, work involved.

Images for Spring Break maple syrup operation. Spring Break has honey collected on their farm, a variety of gifts, and a program to help the DIY sap collectors. For a small fee with boil down what you collect with the spout they provide you and lots of guidance. Everything you need to know about Maine maple syrup.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker