Maine blog posts don’t need a sea of words to relay worthwhile information.

In fact, images of Maine, videos of local Maine events can do the heavy lifting. Both easily relay what is it like living in Vacationland. Here are some images of Maine that I think do a pretty good job relaying the day to day experience. To transport you to Maine and to get a small taste of what is it like living here full time. Maine four season living offers lots of eye candy to share if you carry a camera and leave the safety off to bag and tag the imagery.

maine mofga meeting photo
Farmer To Farmer MOFGA Meeting. Young And Old Farmers Compare Notes. Maine Organic Agriculture Is Big!
amish in maine
Heading To Church. Amish Mass Transit In Maine. Not Quite Bumper To Bumper Traffic Drive Time.
maine winter photos
Clear Crisp Air. Moon Lighting Up A Small Maine Town.
maine small town band photo
Summer Concerts, Small ME Town Outdoor Music Events Always Well Attended By All Ages Who Hum, Sing, Toe Tap.
maine is boating, waterfront
Float Your Boat, Living The Life In Maine. Water, The Kind On The Maine Coast. Lakes, Ponds, River Variety.
mount katahdin in winter snow
Dressed In White Snow Caps. Mt Katahdin At A Different Angle And Season Always Impresses.
maine white water rafting
Hang On, Get Sprayed, Rushing Through Maine’s Penobscot River Rapids.
maine baster park photo
Maine Is Vast. The Woods, Water, People Are Real. Mainers Are Outdoors Year Round. Just Dress For The Season.
maine farm cows
Young Holstein Dairy Calf Says Hello From Maine Farmstead. Black, White, Pink And Brand New.
cynthia taylor studios
Something Unique From Maine. Local Artists And Crafts People Peddle Home Made Wares At Maine Fairs.
maine 4th of july parades
Picture Perfect Weather For A Small Maine Town 4th Of July Parade!
maine farm property photo
Waiting For Spring. The Maine Farm Pony Can Sense Spring Is Approaching.
Portland Head Lighthouse
Portland Head Lighthouse. She’s Actually In Cape Elizabeth Not Portland Maine. Maine Has Over 60 Lighthouses!

And videos on living in Maine. Show and tell, sample the local small town flavor. Visit with locals, be at Maine small town events.

Don’t those work best for the show and tell of the flavor of living in Maine? Roll the Maine video.

Better throw in a few Maine community videos into the media mix while we are building the newest blog post entry today.

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The Wedding Cake House In Kennebunkport Maine Gets Camera Shot A Lot.

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Maine is small town living, a handful of cities.

She is one big and beautiful sixteen counties to explore and return to through out your lifetime. Maine is lots more than the four color tourist vacation brochures show case.

What do you like best about the state of Maine? Always looking for Maine blog post topics to mine and develop to keep it fresh and helpful. Hope this Maine photo and video highlight adds to the hunt and peck media stream we put online for blog posts.

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