New year’s resolutions, are you after simple living, doing your thinking in quiet places?

Is your new year’s resolutions list held firmly under a strong magnet on the front of your refrigerator? To remind your daily of the new dance steps you yourself penned.

maine outdoor simple living
Is Your New Year’s Resolution To Fish More? To Spend Time Getting Outdoors In Maine?

The list of good intentions that causes glee or guilt. It all depends on how things unfold this new year. Assume the position for study and reflection developing your New Year’s plan.

Did you party late into the night and watch the ball drop?

Or are you late to the party about spelling out your New Year’s Resolution dream for 2020. What’s that? I hear muttering about you’re just too busy, no time. Just have not gotten around to carving out a list or why bother. Procrastination is one of the most common resolution list item to conquer for many.

So it seems lack of time is the biggest obstacle.

More time, what you long for way too much like a powerful hunger or thirst to quench.

Better use of the time is where the extra seconds, minutes or hours are hiding. Why always hurrying and out of time? Like cramming for a test. Why do you wait until the last minute to study?  Is it because we run over booked lives with too much multi tasking? Or just waste the precious time we have on social media. Watching others with lives new and highly exciting compared to ours?

Maybe better use of our time is the number one New Year’s resolution to make.

To become better organized and remove the junk or clutter that robs the joy. To do a better job living

sleeping child in maine boat
Too Much Excitement Or Pacing Yourself With A Cat Nap. While Waiting To Go Water Skiing On A Maine Lake?

within our means and developing a savings plan of time and money. Keeping it simple living in Maine.

A lot of people living in high cost urban areas are all doing their homework, planning their escape to Maine.

Maybe that is your primary new year’s resolution? Been on your list year after year as you prepare for the jailbreak to get to Maine. You need more fresh air, clean water and all this wide open scenery. Lose the hemmed in feeling in the vastness of Maine.

A lot of the New Year’s resolutions are about improving and tightening up our physical health habits.

To go easier on the internal organs and realizing personal health is up to each of us to maintain. Respect the body like it is a temple. If you feel fit and trim, that’ll help big time. To improve the quality of life with the DNA hand we were dealt from the family gene pool. What your earlier loved ones in the family struggled with or died from too early in life. You think about those people more the older you get as the years fly by at a quicker pace.

But what is your viewpoint on quality of life?

new years resolution
Reading More, Is That One Of Your New Year’s Resolutions? A Bar Harbor Tourist Studies The Newsprint.

If you feel your life is not your own and out of control to police how you spend it. All the best of intentions resolutions you make won’t address the real problem. The top three new year’s resolutions are eat less, exercise more, watch the spending and savings. But the list of else improves your life is a long one.

Happiness can be elusive because of the reaction to life you adopt.

Negative thoughts, toxic critical people and digesting ugly news coverage. Maybe you lack passion in your labor, in your career path. Feed yourself something healthier. Nothing is forever and patience is a virtue.

Awareness of the damage that happens when you don’t live life in moderation.

Easy does it is no fun but routines, sleep without worry does the body and mind a lot of good. What else

log cabins in maine
Your Own Log Cabin In Maine. Nothing Grand, The Living Kept Real, Honest, Simple. Is That Your New Year’s Resolution Goal?

eats up precious years? Learning things the hard way, lacking coping skills and self control. Developing lots of mentors in and out of the family, reading lots of material to mentally dial in a better experience seems to be the ticket.

There is nothing you are going through now that someone else has conquered and will share where they went right or wrong. We need each other. We learn from the experience you and I have and share. That what fuels the small town Maine connection.

Meet new people, get out of the house, heck it’s all about little changes when life shifts.

Better posture, cleaner air in your living space, drinking more water. It is way more than eat better and reduce intake, the exercise more and spend less. There are hundreds of New Year’s resolutions to fine tune your life.

horses new years resolution
Is One Of Your New Year’s Resolution To Horse Around In Maine?

Or maybe, just maybe, your life is running along smoothly and all the systems are in place to keep it that way.

Good for you, don’t adjust the dials but be ready. Life does throw curves to increase your appreciation. To add some elements to juggle and test your stress level reactions. Those set backs, lessons to learn are what make you stretch and dig deep to grow from the life events.

Even though you know lists work with say weekly depleted grocery items as a reminder of what the cupboard desperately needs.

Or to use  planning your next day the night before so you can let everything go for the ZZZZZ’s. To unplug and recharge when the nightstand light is reached for and goes out when your busy day is done.

Goals, desires, plans for the new decade, the new year resolutions ahead to re-prioritize your life.

maine community bands
The Outdoor Band Concerts In Maine Attract Lots Of Music Lovers.

Despite everywhere you turn, the need to write it down reminders. When and if you do make your personal New Year’s resolutions list, are they carbon copy of the ones before? Is there peer pressure of what everyone says should be on the top of the list?

Rather than something more personal to improve your life from the person who spends the most time with you. Are the goals realistic? All of us want World peace. To solve the globe’s lack of quality and quantity battle with food insecurity.

Let’s face it, Some years are more eventful up or down or sideways.

Discovering the peace of spending more time in Maine’s quiet places helps create the buffers. The frequent trek to those sacred locations to sneak below radar, stop the World for a day spots in Maine. That’s where you can hear yourself think and to process your thoughts and emotions.

Things plane out, look more rosy and everything settles down considerably with sheer rest.

maine is boating, waterfront
Float Your Boat, Live Your Life In Maine. One Of Your New Years Resolutions For 2020?

Quiet, a chance to lay down for a nap or night’s sleep. A break from work, unhappy people, all the propaganda when folks bombard you with sale pitch hubbub. It can be numbing. It takes being away from your daily grind to pull back and see the answers you need.

Finding the joy in simple things in quiet places. Welcome to that state of Maine.

These two endeavors do make you hopeful, to feel grateful. But it takes more than making them a  New Year’s resolution line item reminder list to jump start any new habit. Turning the corner without worry of what’s ahead is faith.

The New Year’s Resolution of eating less and better, the get to the gym to become lean and mean.

Everyone starts the gym membership, is gung ho on the push back from the table diet for awhile. But new habits need time and dedication to take root and grow. There is a reason you do make it a priority to spend time in Maine’s quiet places. Because of what it does inside you when parked by a waterfall, perched on a Maine mountain top gawking out over the vastness of Maine.  Away from email, cell phone call and the time suck of social media.

More time alone instead of always watching others trying to keep up with the Jone’s.

Working together and pitching in, caring about each other in Maine.

Living your life outside yourself helps self centeredness and cutting other people off without a care. The

amish wagon heading to church
Heading To Church On A Maine Country Road. Amish Weigh Distribution Off Or There’s A Broken Leaf Spring.

fresh air of Maine with the right wardrobe for the temperatures today’s weather forecast makes a difference clearing out the cobwebs. Change up your haunts, where you shop for basics. Research new ways of all the areas of your life to make living the best it can truly be.

Sit in new areas at your local service clubs, in church, at sporting events. That’s how you meet new people and get exposed to fresh idea perspectives.

Trying new things and pulling yourself out of a rut can keep it humorous, thought provoking and down right interesting right? Better use of the time you have and spending the minutes, houses, weeks, months and years differently take a willingness to explore.

Expectations in life.

If you’re at peace is missing because of trying to meet the demands of others, change it up. Put yourself first. Find the trails into the wilderness of Maine. Hike, bike, ski, camp, backpack and create the relaxation. Sit on Cadillac Mountain during a sunrise and feel yourself letting go. The quality of the time is more important than the quantity when you detach.

Guilt from neglecting all the things you are behind on should not be the reason to avoid those private times in quiet places.

Collect Lighthouses In Maine
Over 60 Of Them To Collect. Maine Lighthouses. This Painted Lady In Lubec Maine

Your current life situation does not define your life. Your happiness is a life priority, but volunteering to create joy in others is part of the secret.  On that New Year’s resolution list, make time to be nice to you, to respect you. To repair broken relationships with families improves your life too.

New year’s resolutions, how are those working for you today?

Thinking better about your life may mean looking at it from a whole new direction. Those respites to Maine’s backwoods and ski areas or lake shore  settings create the four season pure and natural backdrop. To do your best thinking.

Get to Maine, the way life should be.

I am a true believe that shoulder seasons for tourist vacationing in Maine are a good idea. Value lodging and meals, less people and more intimate connections. You can feel like a local when there is not bumper to bumper traffic along the coastal harbor town travel hot spots.  The goal is less not more expensive stress that can suck you dry.

maine border patrol hummer
One Tool Protecting The Maine – Canadian USA International Border. A Hummer.

Saving, getting out of debt, starting over in an entirely different setting. Maine is ideal for all of that because you can live here cheaply.

Your fun and entertainment is outdoors and low or no cost. Moving, active means you are making your days and nights count. Learning how to say no to avoid over commitment. Being able to control your emotions, delving into music, art and travel opens your horizons.

Reading more books helps your conversational skills because you have interesting things to share. You know more about what you are talking about for subject matter. Is that somewhere a little further down your New Year’s Resolution list this year?

Good luck with your list however long or difficult and the sticking to it.

Excited about blogging on Me In Maine this new year. Big plans on sharing the beauty of why and where I live. Is your new year’s resolutions, to keep things simple, to enjoy quiet places and spaces up in Maine?

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