Soap box derby racing, in Maine the date to remember is always in June.

This year June 20th is the 25th year of Northern Maine soap box derby racing date. The Houlton Maine derby program enjoys success thanks to a special engineered hill. Built to make derby racing safe and the track easy to set up and tear down each year. Rain or shine, the derby race is held on Derby Hill at Community Park in Houlton Maine. More on building a stock and super stock soap box derby car.

If you want to race in a local, Houlton Maine is the state venue for soap box derby racing.

The best way to know more about the race program is by watching video of soap box derby race in Maine downhill runs.

How do you order a derby car for soap box racing?

Visit the link from the All American Soap Box Derby store.

Since 1934, the national down hill racing event in Akron Ohio attracts hundreds of racers. That trek to Ohio to test their racing skills on a three lane hill that has adjustments to make each car launch release as even steven as possible. In soap box derby racing, heats used to advance racers are won or loss by hundredths of a second. Here’s the link for the stock car derby racer kit. Taller, older drivers will enjoy the extra space inside the super stock racing car kit. Soap box derby racing in Maine, here to help you get into the program as a driver, sponsor, program volunteer.

The Houlton Maine state race contact information.


Northern Maine Soap Box Derby

88 Randall Ave

HoultonME 04730

207-532-8236 Visit

Here are lots of images from past soap box derby races held on the Houlton Maine hill. 

maine soap box derby
Weighing During Tech Day. 200 Pounds Maximum Weight For Kids, Car, Helmet.
soap box derby launch
Nervous? You Bet. Let’s Check Brake Again. Adjust That Helmet To Be Ready For A Green Light.
Trial Run For New Drivers. Lane 1 & 2 Neck & Neck! Heats Decided By Thousands Of A Second.
derby race akron ohio
Out At Akron Ohio All American Race Run 3 Lanes At A Time.
soap box derby race
Houlton Maine, The State Of Maine Race Site Was The Largest In Country Five Years In A Row!
derby racing houlton me
Good Sportsmanship And Safety Are Absolutes In Soap Box Derby Racing.
derby hill topside launch
The Gates Topside On Derby Hill In Houlton Maine.
soap box derby tshirts
This Year’s T-Shirt For Stock, Super Stock, Master Car Racers All Different Colors.
bottom of the derby hill
Topside Looking Down At The Finish Line Of Derby Hill.

Families of all ages can race and kids can compete in one of three different soap box derby car divisions to keep them all involved.

Fairness, safety and competitive racing develops mechanical and driving skills. Rally races are held around the country to attend and add to the skill set. Points are awarded and getting to Akron Ohio on rally points to compete is another option for a derby driver and their support team to discuss.

Gravity is the engine and removable weights put in all the right places helps fuel the derby car faster down the lanes.

soap box stock cars
Waiting For Weight In, Pairing For Soap Derby Racing Heats.

Alignment, getting lower in the car for aerodynamics and so many other areas make a difference as your driver and their mechanic develop driving confidence in soap box derby racing.

It’s all about lots of little derby driving secrets and engineering brainstorming.

Planning on racing in the Maine state soap box derby race in Houlton Maine June 20th, 2020?

The 25th year of derby downhill racing will be extra special. If you are a sponsor looking for car to put in the Houlton race, please contact the Northern Maine Soap Box Derby program. Help to find a driver for your car is available and there are racers looking for a sponsor. Your Me In Maine blog author Andrew Mooers has ventured to Akron Ohio for the All American Soap Box Derby Race a couple of times with two of his children who won the local Houlton ME event.

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