Maine’s magic is all about living simpler without wall to wall people invading your personal space.

And you know how clutter piling up around your home can cause stress? Or the feeling of being perpetually late, pushed hard to be here, there, everywhere can overwhelm? Because you are just being pulled in too many directions. When you take a deep breath, step back and study what’s is causing the what is missing, the causes are plain as day. How you fill your day is still a personal decision right ? And you do have some say in the life you lead or do you?

Maine Family Snow Skiing
Families, Outdoor Fun, Maine Fresh Air. Winter Greets Spring. Priceless.

What leaves you out of sorts, feeling deep down dissatisfied is often just too many people pushing and shoving and making demands on you.

Maine is under populated, with vast unspoiled space which helps tremendously to set the stage for the healthier living foundation to build on. Not many people to deal with means much is missing and just does not show up on your radar.

The high cost of city living, all the traffic, noise, expense and worry about personal safety weigh a person down big time. Like heavy cement shoes were slipped on permanently in just your size. Or your pair of arms are pressed tightly against your chest as if a permanent strait jacket was laced up and buckled tightly to cut off your air supply. And who put on these leg irons? Ah, you did.

What can rob a beautiful day of promise shortly after you rise and are suppose to shine?

What brings in the dark clouds that hides the blue sky and makes you a prisoner is not someone else’s fault. The over stuffed bloat and everything just not in its right place around you day in and out takes its toll. Empties a person. Shouldn’t you be able to fill your schedule day and night with some hand picked items and live your own life with some self input in the personal choices?

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Maine Is Real, Peaceful, Not Crowded. One Of The Lowest Crime States.

That feeling of not being as ship shape as you want and powerless to change your life’s direction. Virtually out of control weary added to a continuous over booked lifestyle where the clock is your drill sergeant can leave a person drained. Bone weary.

Wondering what’s wrong. It’s what is missing. A person can self medicate to temporarily address the symptoms. But they don’t go away on their own. And clutter is not just what fills your household living space. It spills over beyond the physical square footage you call home and where you stuff whatever you hoard and consider treasure.

A day at a time makes the how do you fix the direction your life has taken easier to accomplish. Causes patience, the sincere effort needed to force the self examination. You can not fix what you don’t address by avoiding making the time for study. The neat thing about blog posts from real people out in the World around us is sharing.

How do the rest of the Earth inhabitants live, and how do you apply new ways of thinking, doing to your own life is easier than ever with the Internet.

Granted, you can spend a lot of time surfing, drilling down into a topic and looking for the rich veins of information that are hidden nuggets to search online.

Maine Kids Play Outdoors
The Imaginations Working Full Time Outdoors, Lungs Full Of Fresh Maine Air.

The  root cause of what is ailing you can make a person feel pretty powerless as the hide and go seek exercise unfolds. If you make the time. Isn’t it time? Come to Maine, open up your mind and heart and run away from all those people that distract.

Simple living in Maine, everything that’s important becomes crystal clear.

Everything that was blurred comes into crystal clear perspective. Ready to find out about Maine, the way life should be? Or don’t. Stay stuck, treading water and just trying to avoid people when they are wall to wall around you that only limits your life.  Makes it easily to just pile on more layers of what is not rewarding and lasting but simply a time and money hog. Are you just killing time?

Have you thought about living in Maine?

Trading in the gerbil on the tread wheel existence squeak squeak squeak. What it would be like to live simply in Maine?

How do you get back to simpler living?

Spring is in the air in Maine as winter wanes, Mr Sun gets stronger overhead our small communities.

Spring fever, cabin fever intensifies as warmer days, cooler but not cold nights become the norm. As the season change begins transition. Maple syrup sap is starting to run. The snow is melting and spring skiing, snow sledding is superb. Ice shacks are heading off the frozen sheets of water to prepare for smelts running, other forms of trolling for your fish dinner.

Local Mainers are digging out from winter. Reading seed catalogs. Enjoying natural speed bumps and driving obstacles. While a fresh crop of pot holes are in full bloom as frost heaves release the frozen hold on the ground around us.

Sample Maine on a vacation and consider what if you lived here full time?

If you were involved in your small Maine community and needed, contributing to others who do the same to benefit you in the process. Maine, come for a day, end up staying a lifetime.

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