Gone fishing, in Maine. Could mean using a Jiffy ice auger to open up a Maine lake.

Or wearing waders, casting a line in a brook while toking on a cigar you don’t smoke for the buzz. But for the smoke to keep pesky black flies at bay when they are flying squadrons of sorties around your head.

Not Stuck Inside, Moving Around Outside In Maine.
Outside, Moving, Catching A Ride To Maine Fishing Adventure.

Maybe fishing in Maine spikes a slide that splashes on the back of the inside of your head.

Of you, loved ones, rocking and a reelin’ in something big off the coast of Maine. Or lucky enough to find yourself working as a third hand on a Maine lobster boat.

Where the denizen of the deep is going to steamed, slid on to your plate at meal time that evening when you get back on dry land.

Regardless of the type of fishing in Maine you like best, you need some guidance.

The locals all know from experience. You are brand new and have a blank etch – o -sketch. Need someone to coax and nudge you in the right direction.

Maine Deer, Moose, Wildlife.
Your Neighbors Four Legged, Furry, Curious, Shy. Watch You Fish.

So you don’t waste time you don’t have because it is a short, limited vacation in Maine.

Hear that clock ticking loudly, the hour glass sands shifting from the top to the bottom? The leisure time in Maine passes too quickly for sure.

Don’t be a Johnny One Time. Keep coming back for more.

Bud Adams, a local fish-o-holic had the addiction bad.

Not just hunting it down to eat it on Fridays like some folks still do. Round the clock, every season possible to fish for supper. He is fishing in the great beyond now but when he shuffled his feet here on planet Earth, he ran a radiator repair shop.

His motto? A question.

“Where’s the best place to take a leak in Houlton Maine?”

Why Adams Radiator of course silly.

Maine Lake Fun May Involve A Boat.
Maine. You Ready To Get Wet?

But with his bald as a bowling ball head would grin and start the fishing tutorial with a simple statement. If you are serious about your angling, you have to think like a fish.

What time of day would you be where in the Maine lake?

What rock looks like a good place for treading water and snoozing away from prey or a colorful fishing lure that was too tempting?

Brookies, fishing for brook trout in Maine. Open fishing with your passed down fly rod or the new one that costs way way more than two and a quarter brooks of green stamps.

If that is your weapon of choice, you might try casting in Dead Stream in Monticello Maine if you find yourself in Aroostook County. Trolling for land lock salmon in East Grand Lake sounds like a stellar notion too.

Maine Small Town Living, Walk Around Freely.
Not Telling Where He Caught The Maine Fish. Actually His Brother Snag It On Nickerson Lake, But Let Wally Have Bragging Rights in A Photo Opt!

Sometimes the water levels are so so high from spring run off, the melting of snow from Old Man winter.

And it makes the kayaks and canoe races get over earlier with lightning fast times. Whether you are a black belt or no belt paddler.

But getting close to the edge of the waterway can be harder when the water levels interfere with the up close and personal.

Here are the dates for open fishing in Maine. Don’t forget to introduce the little ones, or just those who missed getting the fishing bug fever.

There are lots of free fishing dates in Maine to take advantage of if you can clear the schedule.

Some anglers think there are too many regulations and the Maine state fishing regulations are way way too complicated.

But don’t forget, remember that we are dealing with thousands of waters statewide and that each is just a tad different. Like the people, soils, views, everything in Maine. Fishing to protect a natural resource is no exception and yup.

Maine is very touch on being a good steward of what we all know we are so so lucky to have and enjoy.

Getting kids to fishing derbies and to start out with training wheels on heavily stocked Maine ponds. So their arms almost hurt from the casting, catching and do it again. That is what starts the pattern, tradition of heading off to go fishing in Maine.

On the family farm in Maine I grew up on, a soil conservation grant funded pond was used for just that purpose.

To turn kids on to fishing.

To make sure they had strong strikes of constant nibble to pull in and grin. It was a water source for a fire in the country too.

The Inland Fisheries and Wildlife people are just trying to give anglers a variety of quality Maine fishing opportunities while ensuring the resource does not go extinct for our children.

Maine Lobsters, Some Too Big, Or With Notched Tails Have To Return To The Ocean.
Maine Lobsters, One Of The Top Three Word Associations With The State.

The ones that have not appeared on the scene yet or ever baited a hook. Selected the right fishing lure.

Or had a Mickey or Minnie Mouse rod and reel in their small hands.

To feel the thrill of fishing what’s done deep in a Maine waterfront resource with a skilled guide they call Grampie, Papa, Aunt Jane or whatever the nick name of affection.

Check out the Maine lakes survey as one of the guides to selecting your next fishing outing at one of the sixteen counties nearest your location.

And mind your P’s and Q’s. Be friendly, will you? Can you?

Using sugar works better than vinegar for getting a local in a small Maine town to open up.

And maybe the stand back, little reserved atmosphere when someone you meet is a tad cool to you is because some other vehicle driver with a plate the same color as yours has burned some bridges.

Stepped on a few nerves, hurt someone’s feelings when asked curtly, “Hey dummy, where’s the best places to fish in Maine?”

And came off Interstate 95 veering sharply on just two wheels by the time they hit the bottom of the exit off ramp. “Hurry it up, don’t have all day” does not get the results you need for local info on the best fishing holes. If the local will share them to you, anybody. Considered yourself lucky to be in Maine!

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