The best experiences are almost always outdoors in Maine.

Any season the same places serve up differently. Many of the outdoor hikes are made more enriching because all that they involve to pull off is a couple gallons of gas for travel.

Maine Deer Photo
Who Is That… Can I Help You? Eating Clover Over Here Off Rt 212 If You Don’t Mind.

A picnic basket of homemade potato salad. strawberry rhubarb pie or other goodies.

To feast on in the fresh clean air.. When it is just you, loved ones, out in all natural, always pure Maine surroundings. Or reaching up for a succulent apple that are all around you. To nibble on.

Bigger than normal this year as the bounty of good weather, the right amount of moisture paid off in dividends.

The apple trees Johnny broadcast seed far and wide on around Maine are having a bumper crop, bonanza year.

Limbs drooping to the ground in many places. Where bearing fruit larger than normal is happening as I hunt and peck.

Went to Hastings Falls, a ride around southern Aroostook County.

Not far from the north entrance to Baxter Park. Another venue to reach out and pick the fruit of tramping in those map coordinates for a future trek.

Hastings Falls can be approach two ways. Off the Clark Road in Merrill Maine.

Or heading north off the Moro Road in Aroostook County. Have done the former a number of times with small kids. In hotter weather when the red in the scale was higher in the glass tube.

Maine Kids At Hastings Falls
Cooling Off, Earlier Trip When Kids Were Young To Hastings Falls Merrill Maine

But driving in most of the way in a jeep the latter method for approach was the mission yesterday. A day of crisp, tasty air flowing easily under a totally blue sky.

With total sunshine overhead bathing the landscape in long sideways, lower rays.

As Jack Frost assembles his paint hues, color tones. For the second bloom, for leaf peaking foliage that is just around the corner.

The water is low, you can still hear the rush of it on the approach.

But the lower volume pulls back the shades on the smooth rocking surface sandpapered over the years. From back when the Jackson Sluice Road was used for lumbering.

When it was king, and woods or farm crops were pretty much the only two flavors of employment in North Maine.

hasting fall merrill maine
Walk Right In, Sit Right Down. Bay Let Your Hair Hang Down. (In Maine).

Small hikes, not gut wrenching, life threatening ones can serve best. When sampled with a more relaxed, easy does it approach. If you are lucky enough to live in Maine full time, or most of the year. You know what the magic is.

The short vacation long weekend or seven days is heaven too. But living here to enjoy more of Maine is where the peaceful easy feeling of true contentment resides.

Map location of Hastings Falls… two approaches to add to your bucket list as you wander around Maine.

Poking, prodding and exploring to discover Maine’s inner beauty. The areas that never get addressed in the four color glossing tourist information brochure write ups stacked and racked.

Maine, don’t stand her up.

Or keep her waiting. Get here quick as you can, as often as you can pencil her in.

Maine Hastings Falls
Rock, Water, Sunshine, Nature. Maine.

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